September 08, 2014

Handwritten Letters...

I have recently rediscovered the art of the handwritten letter.  Since our oldest has been at boot camp we are writing back and forth to one another because it is the only way of communication available during his time there.  I am truly enjoying this lost art.  

The whole process of putting pen to paper makes connections between the hand and brain that no other form of communication can make.  It is tactile, creative, and homemade.  Who doesn't like getting a handwritten communication in the mail?  There is no spell check so some people might be intimidated by that.  There is no autocorrect... which is brilliant in my book!  

I love the flow of words and the shapes of the letters.  It is a personal and thoughtful connection in such an impersonal thoughtless world.  It is an experience I think everyone should have at some point in their lives.  

What if we were to start a campaign for handwritten letters?  A friend and I bantered that about on Facebook the other day.  What would happen if you wrote a snail mail letter to someone?  Is there someone that you can think of right now that would absolutely love it?  I challenge you to write a letter this month... to someone... and send it in a real envelope with a tangible address written on the front... that has a real mailbox... and use a real stamp... even pick out a really cool stamp to fit their personality.  Do it... and see what happens.  They might even write back!

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