September 06, 2014

The Cool Stuff I Get to Learn

Dan has been the English preacher at a local Korean church since May.  It was totally a perfect time to start this new ministry for him and for our family.  We are being loved well at this church and I even have a special name.  They call the pastor's wife "Samonim"... which is the honored wife of a teacher who is a motherly figure.  This has taken some getting used to because the other church we attend does not even acknowledge that I am a pastor's wife at all.  This is a very different experience for us and I am really learning a lot.  I will share some thoughts on all of that at some point.  Right now I am still processing.

We were informed last weekend that a big Korean holiday was coming this weekend.  It is the biggest holiday in South Korea and it is called Chuseok.

It is the Korean Thanksgiving.  
Since I am learning I thought I would share some things I have found.

The whole country takes 3 days off to celebrate!
Count me in!!!
Chuseok or Korean Thanksgiving is also known as "Han-gawi" or "Mid-Autumn Festival"
It is one of the most important holidays in Korea and celebrates harvest time.  
This year it falls on September 7th-9th.  

For food links for this holiday you can check out...

A recipe for a traditional "rice cake" or "Songpyeon"

Another cool blog with videos... 
this one shows the traditional dress and how to make the rice cakes in video form

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