September 04, 2014

What I Did for My Summer Vacation

As we come to the end of summer and the beginning of a school year I thought I would do a throwback post to the days when the teachers made us write about our summer vacation.  The teacher would stand in the front of the room by the chalkboard and announce that everyone would write about their summer vacation and there would be the collective moan across the room.  I used to love this assignment.  I was like Ralphie from a Christmas Story when the teacher told them to write about what they wanted for Christmas.  

Our summer vacation began the second week of June.  I was in the middle of preparing for our district's cub scout day camp so it did not feel like much of a vacation yet.  The third week of June was crazy with the long days of day camp and it was a real family affair.  Dan ran the shooting range, our middle two helped out as den chiefs and assistance in a variety of stations, our oldest came and ran the knots station on Thursday of that week and our youngest was in the Webelos 2 den.  I just ran around like a chicken with my head cut off all week.  It was youngests last year in day camp and so I made it my last year, too.  It went quite well and I could not have pulled it off had it not been for my family and the amazing volunteers that stepped in to work with all the boys.  It is good to walk away on a high note and I am glad that was the way it worked out.

Within two weeks of day camp ending we were on our way to my family reunion in Wimberley, Texas.  We took an extra day to head into San Antonio to see the Alamo since our youngest had just completed his fourth grade Texas History studies.  

All six of us were able to go and we had a really relaxing time while we were there.  My father is the youngest of 12 children and five of those children are still living.  

This makes for a very large reunion because I have about a bazillion cousins.  Each year varies but we always have a good mix of family that chooses to attend and we enjoy food and fun together once a year.  We have been doing this for 51 years (well, not me... I am not even 50 yet).  We snapped a few pics of the original siblings like we do every year.  One of my uncles was not in attendance due to the health of his wife (my aunt) but four were there and having a great time.  It is always great to see family each year and we are blessed that we are a family that does this.  So many families never see each other.

If I had to use one word as the theme of this summer it would be REUNION.

We turned right around from this reunion to head home, pack and head north to another reunion.  Dan and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary this summer and on the summer of our wedding Dan's parents were celebrating their 25th.  Yes, that means that they had their 50th wedding anniversary this summer.  Dan and his sisters decided to all head to the campground where we have gone for all of our adult lives to celebrate.  That would be Dan's parents, four siblings and their spouses and 13 grandchildren were all in attendance.  We even had Dan's parents best friends there with a few of their children over the time we were there.  To say we took over the campground would be an understatement.  

We ate together and sang together and had church together and ate some more together.  Our children played card games and board games and rode bicycles and played in the forest together.  There were even two baptisms performed in the river for the Eidson cousins.  It was great fun!  For one week we invaded the camp and celebrated a 50 year marriage.  Everyone has threatened... I mean promised to come at Christmas to do it all again at Grandma's house.  

At the end of the camping trip, when most everyone had started their journey home, our immediate family decided to do one more backpacking trip before oldest shipped to boot camp.  We took lots of pictures but this one is my favorite.

We came off the mountain, packed the car and headed home just in time to wash all the camp clothes, unpack the trailer, and get everyone to summer band by Thursday morning of that week.

So, did you have any summer adventures?  Please share with us here or if you blogged about it share a link so we can come and read about your adventures, too!

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