October 18, 2014

Books and Food

Oh, now here is a subject I can really sink my teeth into!  I love books that talk about food.  I have a bazillion cookbooks... or at least about 200 of them but I read other books that inspire me to make food, too.  I think my favorite series that has brought on food cravings as I read has to be the Mitford Series by Jan Karon.  I cannot read one of her novels without eventually making something I am reading about from cornbread to cobbler and even an orange marmalade style cake.  I was so thrilled when she finally published a cookbook to help me create all I was reading about from the kitchens of the Mitford folks.  

Her series...

There were actually nine in the series until just this year.... now, number 10 is here!  WOOHOO and there is another side series she has started about Father Tim's early years.

The Cookbook!  Well loved and used in my home!!!

for more on Jan Karon and her books you can visit MitfordBooks.com.

And here is a link to Esther's Orange Marmalade Cake

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  1. Like Father Tim, I'd be hard pressed to pass up Esther's cake, and as a fellow diabetic, I'd probably have the same reaction (though I'd know better than to go into a cave when I'm high - well, maybe not, but the nearest real caves are two hours away).