October 15, 2014

New Apps

Another day on our Korean adventures. We live in such an amazing day and age where we access to so many things we never had before.  There are tools online and available for our phones that can help us with so many things.  One new thing I have discovered are language apps.  I have a few new language apps on my phone that I use when I have a few open minutes throughout the day.  I just thought I would share a few with you...

This one is called Learn Korean... you can click on the icon and find it.  If you have an iphone then I am sure you can find their version, too.

Cover art

This one is the Learn Korean Phrasebook

Cover art

and learn to write the Korean alphabet (called Hangul) with this easy program.

Cover art

Are you studying a second language this year?

Do you have a favorite language app that you like to use?  

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