October 05, 2014

New Creation

This is a two fold meaning post... I made a new scripture button and it is about God making us new creatures.  I know this particular graphic is so 2001 but I am learning and trying to figure out how to use the software.  I am also trying not to use other people's work without permission so this is very basic using only a little daisy I had in the files.  I am using paint.net to do this.  I know there are other ones out there and I will get to them but I am playing with this one for now.  I am hoping to start doing simple Sunday scripture graphics to share more on a regular basis.  

I am also grateful that we don't have to stay in our messy old sinful state.  Once we have Christ, He makes us new... I am so grateful for the new that I get to become in Him.

You all have a blessed Sunday and we will meet back here again Monday for another episode of  Something New in October!

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  1. Amen! I have been reading your posts--just not sure what I can add to the shaving convo ;) Love you!