October 23, 2014

New Herbal Aid

I know that you all are women reading this blog.... if a man reads he never comments or makes it known so it is his fault if he is having to read this. ;)

I am sharing something that has been helping me get through this "phase" of my life.  

I am a woman of a "certain age" and I get hot and cold spells and heart racing episodes and I needed something to balance this mess out.  So, I have recently sought out an herbal solution that I can order or buy over-the-counter and this has been what I have found.

Progesterone Cream!  

It is made with a wild yam extract instead of horse urine.  (ICK!!!)

I prefer the one with lavender but you can get it scent free, too.

It helps greatly with the heart racing and the night sweats.  Make sure it is approved by your doctor if you are taking other meds and follow the instructions in the box for best results.  This is only a recommendation based on what is helping me.  Do your homework before starting anything new on your own without a prescription.  

If you cannot find it at a local pharmacy or health food store you can order it through Amazon.com.

I get ABSOLUTELY NO kickback for promoting this product or any other medicinal or herbal products on this blog.  I just love it!

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