October 07, 2014

New Milestone

I shared with you the other day that our middle boy joined the JROTC program at his high school.  With this new venture comes a few requirements.  One of those requirements is that he must start shaving.  We were not really ready for this but it is what it is and so he had a lesson on Saturday with his father.  Mamaw and Poppy T will get a kick out of this particular post.... I love this because it is something that my husband gets to share with our boys without me doing anything except snapping photos and rubbing the baby smooth skin when they are done.  So far, we are two for two on the responses... "MOM, stop it!"  LOL  

So, here ya go...

Every time one of my boys does this first step in the process I am reminded of that old Bill Cosby Show episode when Theo lathers up his face several inches thick to share one hair.  I am glad my boys are a little more conservative with the lathering.

Mr. Patient is so great at teaching our boys things.  I love how thorough and thoughtful he is with his approach and the boys really respect their Dad because of it.  I am grateful for the way he deals with his boys.  It blesses me as the wife and mom.

Not one drop of blood!  Good job, son!!!

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