October 01, 2014

New Month... New Calendar

I have always and will probably always have a big 12 to 18 month calendar for long term planning. I buy the big kind with the two to three inch squares so that I can write in them comfortably.  I write all the school dates and summer vacation plans and such in as I get them. All doctor and dental appointments get calendared as soon as they are made and the weekly routines and music lessons are added by the month.  For the month of October I have calendared all the band contests and labeled it Bandtober!  LOL  The big calendar is the central nervous system for our family functions.  I tell the kids, "If it is not on my calendar it does not exist."  It is the absolute truth because if it is not there I won't know to give it attention or show to something.  I live and die by that dang calendar.

Made the October page today... 
and yes, it is a purple journal cover that you see peeking out from behind the page there.

With that in place I have been searching for something a little more personal for my day to day functioning.  I recently came across an idea called Bullet Journaling.  I am a long time journaler so this concept immediately fascinated me.  After doing a little research and purchasing a large journal I think I am ready to begin this new thing for October.  It is the perfect starting place for this series, too.  I have already written in the dates and activities for each day for the month of October that need attention and will continue to play with the concepts of list making, quote collecting, little artistic endeavors, etc... until I find just the right fit for me with this new art form.

Since I am just learning more about this I will share a better explanation for you so that you might understand it better and so that it really gets the attention it deserves.  It is a truly brilliant system for people like me who are a little ADD who love making lists and checking things off and who love putting real pen to paper for therapeutic purposes.  Now, I might need some new pens and a nice bag to go with my notebook.  I am just kidding.... sorta... well, no... not really.  *wink*

Take a look...

I would love to incorporate some art into the process, too... and calligraphy.

There are a lot of different takes on Bullet Journaling on YouTube so you can head over there and just search for Bullet Journal and see what comes up.  They are as individual and unique as each person who does one.  The sky is the limit.  Here is a quick overview video I liked very much!

I will continue to explore this new form of journaling/calendaring/list making and let you know how I am doing.  I hope you check it out for yourself and if you do decide to try it I would love to hear that.


  1. I will have to check into this!!! I occasionally list my journal entries anyway.

  2. I like the system. I tend to make a daily to-do on scrap paper and shred it when I'm done. :)
    PS: I love moleskine, as shown in the video. My 18-mo. planner I started using last month is a moleskine calendar/planner.

    1. I have not seen one locally but they are beautiful! There is another video I saw with a German version called Leuchtturm 1917 and I found that one in purple... they are pricey but not insanely pricey... http://www.amazon.com/dp/B004WOIT12/ref=wl_it_dp_o_pC_S_ttl?_encoding=UTF8&colid=1KGCBSBUOYRZK&coliid=I5D6WWPHT8QVY

  3. This looks really interesting, but too orderly for my way-to-the-creative-right brain. However, I love the fact that he's using graph paper in the video. I recently started using a graph paper journal to brainstorm my thoughts. Matter of fact, I used it for ideas for the 31 Days of Writing I'm doing on both of my blogs (Yes, two of them!). I don't write neatly within the lines, but wherever I want to on the page. However, having the blocks there makes me feel more organized in my thinking. It tricks my brain. Weird, I know. Anyway, I hope the journal works well for you.