October 02, 2014

New Poles....

I am a 47 year old woman who has Lupus.  With that Lupus comes some pretty painful arthritis most days.  I used to be a runner and I was able to lose about 30 pounds and keep it off while I ran.  I tore a tendon about four years ago and the pain still lingers when I tax those tendons for long periods of time.  Since my diagnosis a little more than three years ago I have learned that iffy tendons are just part of the disease.  I will never run long distances again and I know that.  The problem then becomes... how do I keep off the weight and lose a few extra pounds I have gained since my diagnosis?

I have started walking, again, over the past few years and find that with age and arthritis even walking can set off knee and ankle pain and it takes a lot of walking to burn the kind of calories I used to burn running.  As part of an effort to become a more committed walker and goal setter in the realm of fitness and health I joined up with a few local friends back in the spring.  We call group simply... 100.  We set goals for 100 days and then we are accountable to each other for those goals.  We encourage each other and problem solve together.  The ladies in our group have been a real source of therapy and motivation for me even when I fall down on my goals.  They pick me up and remind me that it is ok to let go of some things and set new goals and move forward with a fresh start.  I love my ladies!

During this past few months one of our ladies discovered Nordic Walking (Urban Poling... cross country skiing on concrete, etc...) and she shared it with us.  Over the following months I think all four of us have tried it now.  I just started my journey this week and three days into the process my knees and hips hurt less.  I find that some muscles I did not know I had are a little achy but there is not one pain that is intolerable.  I am burning more calories and going the same distance as before.  I am getting a better overall body workout and finding that things are toning up a little faster than with just the walking.  I cannot wait to see what happens after a month of this!  It is exciting.

In my research I have discovered that it is an approved exercise for just about any walk of life.  Young and old can benefit from this and those of us in between can, too.  It is good for physical therapy patients, arthritis patients, joint replacement patients, heart patients, etc...  I am glad that I am a Chick with Sticks now... what a great discovery!  I have my precious friend Sue to thank for this!  I salute you, Miss Sue!!!  *raises sticks*

Want to know a little more about this thing called Nordic Walking?  Take a look at this little report...

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  1. So glad you're feeling the positive effects of using trekking poles! Keep up the great work--you will definitely feel the improvements soon.