October 06, 2014

New Recipe... Today There is Pie

I acquired a copy of the famous Furr's Millionaire Pie from my Mother-in-law.  Her mother... my husband's grandmother, had purchased it many years ago from the famed cafeteria chain.  This happens to be the pie my husband gets every time he goes into a Furr's.  The Furr's cafeterias in our area have all closed down so he has not had this pie in quite some time.  I recently asked him if there was a dessert that I have never made that he would want me to make for him and he did not even bat an eyelash when he said, "Millionaire Pie."  So, here it is.... the first test run of this pie that seems to make my husband a very happy man.  I just wish he had asked for it sooner.  Here we go...

I started with a homemade pie crust but you could certainly use a store-bought version of a traditional pie crust.

Now, here is where things got a little iffy.  I did the first section for the fluffy bottom filling and it just did not fluff.  I beat it and beat it and beat it and for some crazy reason it never made it to that light fluffy texture.  I continued anyway thinking that maybe being chilled might do the trick and it did not.  I made the top layer and just refrigerated it all overnight in hopes that it got better and it did a little.
The finished product looks like it is suppose to for the most part but when it sits at room temperature too long the bottom layer got runny and just did not make for the fluffy light pie I was hoping for.

See the runny bottom layer?  I am thinking this one will need a do-over.  It was the first time I had done it and I will try again with this particular version.  Another version I found uses cream cheese but that is not what the original version at Furr's was.  My husband is not heart broken that I will try it again.  LOL  Both pies were completely consumed no matter the runny bottom layer.

Some things that could have gone wrong...

The recipe calls for bringing the butter to a softened stage.  I did that.  It was soft when I beat it.  I may have added the sugar a little soon...I am not sure.  I could whip the butter longer before adding it and see what happens.  I could have probably whipped the butter and sugar longer before adding the eggs and will try that next time.  I will do both of those steps for longer next time and not rush it at all.  I could have switched over from paddles to whips sooner with the butter/sugar phase to beat more air in. 

I also left the eggs out to get to room temperature but I could try to beat them in when they are cold to see how that changes things.  The recipe was not specific on this matter.  

When I got to the whipping cream step I felt like I could have added more powdered sugar than the recipe called for with this part.  I felt it was a little bland.  I used non-sweetened pineapple in natural juices and strained it well.  I chopped the pecans up fine and that worked well.  It really only needed a little more sweet than the recipe called for.

I think it is good for you to see me fail!  LOL  Not every recipe I try is perfect the first time.  I readjust and go again on many recipes.  My family are real guinea pigs for me and they tell it like it is.  I am grateful they help me in this way and I really do have a thick skin when it comes to their criticism.  We have a lot of family private jokes based on my failures in the kitchen.  LOL They are also very generous with praise when they love something.  

I promise to share this one again next time I try it.  You have the recipe above now and if you make it and want to share how it came out with me feel absolutely free to do so at any time.  I would love to hear how things go!

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