October 17, 2014

New Tune... at least to me

I am really not one to love the new pop music very much.  I am kinda stuck in the 70's and 80's for the most part.  I am also very eclectic in my tastes, adding jazz, big band, classical, certain forms of country music, rock, pop etc... to my lists on Pandora.  I usually like people that don't land on the top 40's list very often if at all.   With that being said there is occasionally the odd song or lyric that strikes my fancy that is modern and popular just because of it's message or unusual melody/musical interpretation.  This particular song has a message that I love and that I think people... especially young women... need to know it.  It is about being who you are and not trying to be someone you were not created to be.  It is catchy and hip and has that great message...

Enjoy Estelle and Do My Thing on this Friday.

Have a great weekend!  

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