October 03, 2014

New Uniform

Our oldest son has officially been in boot camp for 6 weeks now.  Word from some of the moms is that they were getting fitted for their dress blues this week and getting photos made.  We won't get to see those photos until we go for graduation in November but another uniform was issued and worn for the first time this week here at home.  

All of our boys have been in scouting so we are not strangers to uniforms.  I was a little surprised when this one took my breath away just a little.  Our focus has been on the choice of our oldest to serve his country and now, just about two weeks after he left his younger brother chose to be in the JROTC program in the high school here.  It is a little overwhelming to a mother's heart when her boys make such choices.  Good choices but they still work on the heart.

So, this uniform... has me a little bit misty eyed, even if it is a little sloppy for his first time.  He will be squared away before we know it.  Just go a little easy on him this time around... this photo was snapped about 8 hours after he put it on in the morning and it is a little rough around the edges.  He is a handsome boy, though... and next week he will even get to shave for the first time.  His instructors are requiring short hair and a clean shaven face.  I think the "shave command" has me a little misty, too!  These children grow up so fast!

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