October 04, 2014

New Veggies from the Garden

Beautiful Purple Tomatillos

This is the first time I have ever grown tomatillos.  I found seeds for the purple variety this year and decided to see how they would do.  I was beginning to think all my efforts were in vein because they grew from about April until July before we saw any fruit starting on them.  From the end of July until now we have watched the little green fruit turn purple and become ripe enough to pick.  I finally have a basket full enough to make something with them.  

I traditionally use tomatillos to make a nice Salsa Verde.  I will use these to do the same and see what color we get as we mix the purple with the cilantro and green chilis.  I am hoping to get at least a few cans of salsa to put up for the winter months.  I was considering not planting them again but the harvest has turned out great and now I will give them their own space in the spring again next year.  I love when a new crop is successful!  

Some other stuff that came in today...

Last of the tomatoes, green Serrano chilies, jalapenos and one little pomegranate.  There will be one lonely little cantaloupe soon, too.  There is a lot of yum in that stash!

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