January 21, 2015

Cold Antler Farm

I have, now, officially read every book Jenna Woginrich has written except her book on chickens.  I plan to read that one when we get chickens again.... sometime.  

Her most recent book summarizes her adventures to date.  I have to say that the first book I read by her is still my favorite.  The first book I read was Barnheart.  It was charming and personable.  The second one I read was her first book called Made From Scratch.  This, too, was charming and personable.  

Each book was about the latest phase of her journey to a homestead/self sufficient lifestyle.  The most recent one shares new stories and new struggles with a bit more about her philosophy and how the journey has changed her over the years.  She shares vignettes about different aspects of her life on Cold Antler Farm and the community that surrounds her.  There are recipes, too.  It is a great memoir.  

I recommend you read her books if you are interested in rural farm stories from the life of a writer/farmer living and working in the northeast.  Reading her stories makes me brave.  I walk away feeling like I could move more toward that life, too.  It doesn't seem easy because it is anything but easy but she makes it seem more achievable.  It can be a stand alone book without the other books but it is really nice knowing the background of where this all started for her so if you are a completist like me then start at the beginning and work your way through them.  Feel free to check out her website, too.  

She is open about the fact that she is not a Christian and she is more into celebrating the more Celtic/Druid way of life and farming.  She is not crazy outspoken about it but she does mention it several times.  This particular book was not as full of that as the previous smaller book she wrote called One Woman Farm.  OWF was a bit of a gift type book precursor to Cold Antler Farm.  As a Christian I was not offended or put off by the things she shared even though I don't always agree with her.  She is not negative about those who have different beliefs from her.  The bottom line for her is a shared experiences and adventures with friends and neighbors in a peaceful and lovely setting.  

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