January 01, 2015

New Year Thoughts....

Much to my chagrin, I am still in planning mode for this new year.  I really am fine with that now.  A few years ago I would have been scrambling for a theme and pushing to get it all done by December 31st but I am not that person anymore.  It will come..... it will all get written down eventually.... and the days will still come and go and things will get done.  

I do have a few words I am being prompted to focus upon this year but the big word for me this year is 


I will be reading books about discipline and focus more on God's word this year by reading it through from cover to cover.  I am quite aware that it may take me longer than a year to do this based on my track record but it will get read.... daily.... and thoroughly.  

I have been prompted to seek out a more disciplined life.  I am feeling the need to simplify and live more on purpose.  These are all "buzz" words in our culture today and so I am often reluctant to follow the trendy bits but the Bible is clear on the need for discipline in our lives. Wandering aimlessly is not productive.  I need to be more focused and set a better example for those around me.  I notice the daily routines of my children and see that they need their mother to set a better example of how to live a more disciplined life.  I cannot really tell them to be focused and disciplined if I am not out of bed before they are, reading my Bible and spending time in prayer each day, turning off the computer and television and putting down my phone,  or putting my things away and cleaning and clearing the clutter.  They imitate what they see not just what I say.

When we started our homeschool years ago we named it Academy 252.  We based all that we did on the verse Luke 2:52..... 

"and Jesus increased in wisdom and stature and in favor with God and man."  

I have taught them for years that it is important to follow the example of Luke 2:52 but now, it is my turn to add that to my list of scripture to focus on this year.  Dan preached his New Year message on this passage.  It kinda smacked me on the back of the head when I heard it. 

I am seeking out ways to be more like Jesus.... ways to increase in wisdom and understanding in the things of God... ways to be more physically healthy (stature)..... ways to be more obedient to the call of God in my life and ways to connect with His people and with those who do not know Him but need to.  

It is all taking shape.... it is a daily process of obedience and listening.  It is about taking time to study His word daily and to pray and seek His face.   I want to delight in His word and meditate on it day and night..... 

There will be book lists, practice charts, menu plans, chore charts, journaling and a whole slew of other things that I will make lists and plan for but the whole process and all that I do needs to come from an obedient heart.  I want Him on the throne giving focus to what really matters in this world and not just some trendy list from an article on Facebook guiding my days.

I started with Psalm 1 today.... I found this lovely artwork on www.Pinterest.com and you can see below for information on the artist and where to find her stuff.  It is beautiful! The passage is quite relevant as we begin 2015.  Happy New Year to you all and may God be King in our lives this year!

This particular verse is no longer available in her store (believe me, I checked) but you can see many more items like this at

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  1. Anonymous2:18 PM

    Good words, sweet friend. "Discipline" was my word for 2014, but I'm afraid it didn't fully sink in. Actually I had a lot of health and life distractions, and didn't accomplish any of my 2014 goals. I was rather discouraged about this, and rethought and prayed over those goals as I was preparing for 2015. I am a very goal oriented person, and it was rather unsettling that I accomplished nothing. After blogging about my decision to repeat my 2014 goals in 2015, and what I would do to attain better results, my mom called. She's not a reader, and doesn't regularly read my blog, but the topic caught her eye on my Facebook page. She reminded me that nothing in my life is ever a surprise to God. It's good to have goals, as the Bible teaches us to plan ahead, but we also have to remember that God goes before us and directs our paths. Thank God for godly and loving moms!! So, here I am again, focusing on becoming more disciplined, simplifying my life, and living intentionally in all areas. I look forward to reading your posts on the topic. Best wishes for a wonderful 2015 as we strive to become more like Jesus.