January 22, 2015

What does one do on a snow day?

We do not get a ton of snow where we live so the first thing I do is take some pictures to document it.  I probably share that documentation on Facebook for those who will never believe me without proof.  Hahaha

We are literally living in a Winter Wonderland today.  It has been coming down since about 6:00am... without stopping.  The kids are all getting out of school within the next hour or so and Dan is making his way home.  He is picking kids up as he makes his way here.  

So, what does one do in this weather?  

Maybe a bit of laundry to start the day.

I did make a run to deliver some food to a friend early this morning.  People here drive crazy in this weather.  It does not help that visibility is poor today but when you try to give them a wide berth and they are still ugly and try to push you off the road... well, what is a person suppose to do?  He did not kill me but one guy tried to freak me out.  I stayed the course and out of his way and hopefully, he did not kill someone else in his attempt to be a narcissistic road hog.

I came home to snap some photos and start a fire but as the snow has piled up higher and higher I have been randomly snapping more photos.

I have been doing a Plan To Eat video tutorial with Kat Lee over at Inspiredtoaction.com this week.  She has had a new session every day to teach us how to use the Plan To Eat system.  It has been very informative.

I have been spending time this week setting my new account up and plugging in recipes and menus and it has already been a huge help in making my week smoother.  If you want to be able to use your own recipes but still benefit from an online planner and shopping list then I highly recommend this system.  I have tried other systems but they send me THEIR menus and I never use all they send me because I am constantly substituting my own menus and recipes instead.  This lets me try new things but still use my old standby recipes and favorites in an organized convenient fashion.  There is even a button you can place in your bookmark bar at the top of your page and save new things you find as you roam around the internet, too.  It is an amazing system and very affordable!  Click on the link in my sidebar to learn more and, if you are so inclined, sign up for your own account.  It is SO worth it!

I am also plugging away at integrating the Bullet Journal system into my life more and more each day.  I talked about it back in October and I am still using it.  It makes my brain very happy to just have everything in one place all the time.  I have been updating and plugging in some new stuff today as I am working around the house and on the computer.  I have a few study notes I still need to add.

The inside is a catch-all for lists, reminders, quotes/scripture verses, notes, and planning my life in general.

The outside is a Moleskine purple thing of beauty!

It is my brain.

I am also boiling a chicken today...

There will be chicken and dumplings to warm my cold family tonight.

I am not sure what tomorrow will look like.  One never knows in the desert whether the sun will come out and all traces of a snow day will vanish so, we are taking advantage of it today.  The children will go out and try to play in it until they are too cold and then they will track muddy messes in but I don't care.  I can clean it all tomorrow.  I am a lover of snow and snow days because they are few and far between in this part of the world so we will enjoy it in all it's splendor until it is no more.

Gilmore girls love the snow and I love them and snow!


  1. I SO wish we got snow! send it here, it's way too hot and dry

  2. LOL - my 2015 quiet time journal is a purple Moleskine page a day datebook! I should send you some of the ribbon I use...I cut off the ribbon marker that is provided and glue in a prettier one (two, actually, since I put one permanently in the place I tape in my reading plan). I also wrap a much wider, pretty ribbon around the cover. Some years horizontally round the bottom, once under where the elastic sits, and this year, vertically in the middle of the book. I should put pics up on the blog. I do have lots of the purple-coordinating ribbon left - once I post pics, let me know if you want some!

    Previous year books: