February 20, 2015

Friday Favorites... with a few extras

This week has been so crazy full!  We started the week with a day off from school but there were two music rehearsals and a birthday celebration to fill that day.  We are in the middle of preparation for solo and ensemble and each child has two solos and two ensembles.  That means rehearsals every single day before, during, and after school.  In addition to the weekend competition prep there have been private lessons and some early morning jazz band rehearsing for next week's start of jazz band competition.  Needless to say, I am ready for the crazy season to be over again.  

I have had a hard week physically, too.  Now, I am sharing this with the promise from you that you will not chastise me.  I am a big girl and I know what needs to be done but we have obstacles that sometimes crop up so we deal with it and move forward.  Ok.... remember.... you promised, so, say nothing!  LOL  I have been off my Lupus meds for a week.  There have been extenuating circumstances but Dan is picking the meds up today.  I never think the medication is doing anything until I have to be off of them for any period of time.  My arthritis is a mess, headaches are plentiful, skin and ulcers in the mouth are angry and the energy level is zero.  I will be taking a double dose before bed and then resuming my regular schedule tomorrow.  I did not want to be off.... it was a matter of money and availability and life just happens.  We are good to go now....  remember.... NOTHING.... SAY NOTHING!  ;)

In other news, I had to get a new phone..... an upgrade from.... 

now, don't faint.... 

an upgrade from Galaxy S2 (yes.... the number two!) to a Galaxy Avant.  

I had to get a new one because the old one finally decided it would have a mind of it's own and start shutting down without any prompting from me and it was completely unreliable because of that.  Otherwise, the phone was in pristine condition and the tech guy even said that he had never seen one that old be in such beautiful condition.  What can I say... I take care of my stuff.  

Anything that gets broken is because my children break it.  Case in point.... the one crack on my phone screen was a child's doing.... the computer screen that got broken at Christmas was a child, etc...  My favorite phrase these days with them is, "You are too close to my technology.... or beverage"...  whichever thing they could break or spill.  LOL  I say it in kind of a "beep beep beep I am backing the giant vehicle" voice.  They hate it but it stops them in their tracks and my stuff is safe.  If I had used that with my computer over Christmas I might still have that little thing instead of this giant "visually impaired large text" computer I am typing on now.  Don't get me wrong, I am grateful for the new computer but I really did love my old little notebook sized one.... really!!!  I am never fond of the new learning curve that takes place every time I have replace a tech device.  

Now, the reason we came here..... here are my favorite five things from the internet this week.  

1.  I have been researching some fermenting of foods lately and read this great article on this very thing this week.  It is 6 Cultured Foods to Make at Home.    Great simple ways to start doing this in your home right now.  

2.  Revive Our Hearts is working through a great series for Lent called The Incomparable Christ and the programs are listed on this page.  I enjoyed this broadcast this week on  A Heartbeat for Revival.... on prayer.  

3.  I am also getting ready to purge our pantry in the next week and over spring break soon so this article was of great interest to me.... 10 Ways to Squeeze a Little Extra Storage Out of a Small Pantry.  

4.  Are you trying to quit the sugar habit?  Here is a great read called 12 Tips for Quitting Sugar.

5.  This week we also saw another Chinese New Year.  Being in the Korean church we got to see some of the traditions that they do to celebrate.  All the Asian world stopped to celebrate this week.  They wear the traditional dresses of their culture and eat traditional foods but I found this article on reaching out during this time from the International Mission Board.  Chinese New Year 101 can help you understand and reach out to those in your community that are of this culture.  

5 1/2.  ;)  Along those same lines I got a copy of David Platt's new book this week.... he is the new director of the IMB that posted this article.  He is on Facebook.... I cannot wait to dig into this book.  He also wrote a book called Radical  (that our teens are studying in their youth group right now) and a book called Follow Me.  

The new book is called Counter Culture

And, here is one extra because I love Jon Acuff and his tongue in cheek way of really hitting a point.  Here are his 7 Ways to Give Up the Internet for Lent.  

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