February 19, 2015

I am a PBS junkie....

This is certainly not a meaty post full of good information and wisdom.  It is simply a post about what I love.  I think I have always been a PBS junkie to be honest.  I remember watching cooking shows by people like Julia Child, Rick Bayless, Lydia Bastianich and Martha Stewart while I was coming into my adult life.  I am sure there was Sesame Street and other kids shows (my children have their favorites, too) but I remember more of the cooking and literary classics aspect of the network.  As a teenager I began to enjoy the British comedies* that were broadcast on Sunday nights and the Mystery series.  

Now, in my late 40's, there is more to love than ever before.  I will just share some of my favorites here with you.  If you are already watching them then I don't have to tell you how wonderful they are but if you are not I hope you will check them out.... just for fun.  

I have a new favorite chef on PBS.... well, Julia is really always my favorite but Vivian Howard is certainly no slouch.  She has a restaurant called the The Chef and the Farmer and she shares her southern cooking adventures each week from her restaurant, her home and her community.  She is a sustainable chef using sustainable ingredients from local farmers.  I love her connection with her family, friends, employees, and community.  It is a joy to watch her as she shares the food she grew up enjoying and her new twists on old recipes.  There is always something delicious on the menu!  Check her out on a Chef's Life

Another Foodie treat is the Great British Baking Show with judges Mary Berry (a long time celebrity cook and baker in the UK) and Paul Hollywood a celebrity chef.  They both have several cookbooks in their published repertoire.  Each week they have a group of bakers that are challenges in three areas and at the end of each week they have a star baker and a contestant that is eliminated.  The bakes are BEAUTIFUL AND AMAZING.  You can see the blind challenge recipes on the website each week to try at home if you like.  It is fun and there are lots of tips and tricks of the trade shared along the way.  The best part for me is seeing all of these unusual pastries, breads, pies, etc.... from around the world that are shared each week.  If you love baking and great info this is the show for you!  It is a polite potty language free alternative to British Celebrity Chef cooking shows produced and aired here in the states (you may know who I am talking about).  ;)    LOL  Check out their page... The Great British Baking Show and the cookbook

Now, on to Masterpiece Theatre...

I will quickly mention an extensive list here for you to find...

We definitely have enjoyed shows like Sherlock, Cranford, The Paradise, Mr. Selfridge, the Jane Austen novel series (Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, Mansfield Park, Northanger Abbey, Persuasion, etc...) and the old Upstairs/Downstairs series.  There are also a lot of different Mystery series I have enjoyed over the years, too, and many can be found now on Netflix or Amazon.  Agatha Christie tends to be one of my favorites.

Right now, though, the top picks for me are Downton Abbey (if you are living under a rock you may not have seen these but I am assuming most people at least know what this is), Call the Midwife and the newest is Grantchester Mysteries.  Wolf Hall is coming in the spring, too... 

If you are interested in book and film connections you might want to check out their Book and Film Club page.

The beauty of this is that you can watch right on the PBS.org website with current seasons.  

I hope you check out some or all of these and let me know what you think.  I hope you become a PBS junkie, too... or at least enjoy something I have shared here.  

*note... I did not even touch Britcoms here... that is a whole new post.  

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  1. "Mystery" was a fav growing up, back when Vincent Price was the host. Did you watch The Jewel in the Crown, about the last days of the British in India? Is the P&P PBS version the one with Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy? I've seen so many versions I'm confused.

    I didn't think I'd like Call the Midwife, but started watching because you mentioned it, and find I enjoy it. Sigh - so much to watch, so little time!