March 13, 2015

Favorite Things.... St. Patrick's Day edition

With St. Patrick's Day on the way next Tuesday I thought I would share the things I have been reading through and searching this week.  I am getting ready to send a package to the oldest and wanted a "package-able" snack that I could make.  I found these two great recipes that should do well in the mail if I wrap them well.  I am making them both today.  I already know the package won't be there by Tuesday but I can guarantee my oldest will not mind one bit as long as he gets to enjoy everything once it does arrive.  

The first recipe is a white chocolate, Bailey's Irish Cream and pistachio fudge recipe that is super simple.  The hardest part of this recipe is the stirring on the stovetop.  Here is my first shot of the stuff as it goes into the refrigerator to chill:

The second recipe is one I will be trying this afternoon.  It is a Pistachio Lime Shortbread but I think I am doing it without the lime just because I don't want another trip to the store this week.  Haha  I seem to go far too much for stuff that is last minute these days.  I will try to remember to get back on and share some finished photos of everything.

I find that, while it is cool to write my own recipes, it is not always necessary when other people have some delicious stuff, too.  I am not nuts about only using my own recipes and am willing to give others recipes at least a try.  If I love them they go in the file to use them again and again and I will gladly share them with the world and give full credit to the culinary genius who brought them to us.  

I do play in the kitchen and write my own recipes from time to time, though.  I did make a paleo cheesecake for a friend this week and winged it a bit.  I am writing what I do down as I go and when we have a real winner I will share it with you.  I am grateful for my guinea pigs that are willing to try my stuff (family and friends locally).  I am grateful for those who tell me what they would change or what they loved that I should keep.  My friend Sherrie got to do that this week for a pumpkin cheesecake with a pecan crust.  I made it in a little pie pan just for her.  I also forgot to take a photo of it before I took it to her so I will have to do it again to show you.  I am a bit spacey sometimes.  Ha!

We typically celebrate St. Patrick's Day with a meal and a movie.  Our standard movie has become A Quiet Man over the years.  We have tried other movies that just don't satisfy us like this one.  It does not hurt that John Wayne is in it.  My husband loves all his movies.  

I also love the blessings of the Irish people.  One of my favorites was shared in a printable format and I thought some of you might really love it.  I think this one is getting a frame for display in my home very soon.  This blogger, The Girl Creative, is sharing a 


 for us!  I love freebies!!!

On the bookish front I am failing to stay in a book every day like I had planned this year.  I would speculate that most of that is because I have been on a cleaning and clearing tangent and that the internet is distracting me too much lately in between the cleaning and cooking and general upkeep of our home.  The bad side of that is less reading but the good side of that is less junk and a cleaner more pleasant home to enjoy.  It will all settle down once the home is more like we want it and I won't need to spend as much time doing that.

Emily and I have both discovered some new authors recently.  I thought I would just share the names with you and later I will share some of their books.  

The first one is Georgette Heyer.  Emily got five new books for her birthday from this author and LOVES them.  Heyer writes Regency romance novels, in the same vein as Jane Austen as well as  historical fiction and mysteries.  They are simpler reads but with cleaver characters and witty humor.  I am hoping to "steal" one (or all five) away from Em to read sometime this summer.  I promise to return them!

An author I just discovered is Gladys Taber.... she writes about life on the farm.  She was a writer for Ladies' Home Journal (a regular column which began in 1937 called Diary of Domesticity) and she wrote a column called "Butternut Wisdom" which ran in the Family Circle from 1959 to 1967.  She has an extensive list of fiction and non-fiction (memoir style) books which spanned the length of her entire adult life.  I just got a copy of her Stillmeadow Sampler in the mail last week.  A beautiful first edition!

Susan Branch introduced me to her, by the way.... 

  I am slowly purging stuff as I go through each room and the breathing space is getting larger and larger.  We are, by no means, those hoarders like you see on that dreadfully painful show on A&E but we tend to hang onto things that are not really necessary sometimes.  Most people do.... I think it is a typical behavior that most people wrestle with at some point in their lives.  I had to come to the conclusion that I needed to let go of things I was not using or reading or that I would never use or read.  I now know that someone else might enjoy it much more than me.  Why would I want to deny them of that opportunity?  So, I let go.... and have not looked back on any of it.  I am still letting go as I no longer need something.  I still have my "treasures".... the things that I love most of all and enjoy having about me.  I am keeping old furniture that belonged to family members before us because I love it and I am gathering books that I love and know I want to read as I purge dozens of boxes of books I know I won't read.  I want my things about me.... things I love.  

That reminds me of a quote from the Quiet Man (one of my most favorite movies ever) spoken by Maureen O'Hara....

"I´ve dreamed of havin´ my own things about me. My spinet...over there, and the table here own chairs to rest upon. And... And the dresser over there in that corner. And... my own china and pewter shinin´ about me."

A girl dreams of having the things she loves about her and this is why I won't ever have a sterile white existence.  I want a home that reflects who we are without being wall to wall junk and clutter for the sake of keeping stuff.  

My motto is.... "If I don't love it then it has to leave!"

So, that is the rambling list for this week.... I pray you have a delightful weekend with those you love most of all.  Feel free to share a favorite author or movie or recipe with us in the comments!  I love to discover new things and would love to check them out.

Blessings to you and your's this St. Patrick's Day!

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