March 06, 2015

More of my Favorite Things on a Friday

We are about to start our Spring Break for 2015 in about an hour or so.  There is a Jazz Festival this weekend so the kids actually have an event they still have to attend and play for tomorrow but then the week is ours.  We have a plethora of things we need to work through over the break.... some deep cleaning of bedrooms, scout merit badge classes for the boys, some repair and garden chores that need to be done and so forth.

As we start the weekend I thought I would take a moment to share some of the things that crossed my path over the last two weeks (since I did not share last Friday)  The list is diverse this week...

1.   The season finale of DOWNTON ABBEY!!!  Oh my goodness, it was magnificent.  Now that the season is over I think it is time for my daughter and I to head back to season one and go through them again while we wait for season 6 but THE FINALE WAS THE BEST EVER!!!

2.   This guy.... Eric Reed, is a jazz pianist but our 14 year old shared this with us this week and I am floored at this talent.  I hope you check more of his stuff out because he has got some serious skills!

3.   I discovered a new blog site this week.  It is called Hooked on Houses and it has houses from around the country that are for sale.  It is a home improvement/decorating inspiration and a half!  The homes are lovely and diverse for all kinds of tastes.  

4.   Here is a lovely DIY gift idea for those coffee and tea drinkers in your life.... MARBLED MUGS!  I found it on Pinterest and was tipped off by my daughter who mentioned it so we could look it up.  Looks like a great Mother's Day project for all your crafters out there.  

Here is a photo from the site linked above of her work....

Marbled Mugs - crafts, mugs, coffee mugs, coffee, marbling, marbled, pink, silver, brown, white, Christmas gifts, gifts, nail polish marbling

5.   Last, but certainly not least, that speech this week from Benjamin Netanyahu was the best speech I have heard in years.... maybe since Reagan took the floor to speak!  Wow.... just WOW!!!

If you have not seen it please take some time to do so.  It is only about 40 minutes long but worth every minute.

6.   One more bonus read this week..... Want to Hear from God? Slow Down.... is a beautiful article written for Relevant's online magazine.  It is a great site loaded with lots of great stuff.  

Now, let spring break begin!  I am off to pick kids up from school and then dinner and a movie will follow.  Have a great weekend folks!

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