March 24, 2015

Read Every Day...

I endeavored to read a book a week as we began this new year and I have failed miserably.  I am approximately 8 books behind but I have five books in progress.  I am relentlessly famous for reading several at a time and taking forever to finish any one of them in an expedient manner.  It is a flaw.... a chink in my armor, so to speak.

I have evaluated this mess and come to the conclusion that I need to set daily goals to become successful at reading more.  I have done some research and made some lists and here are some things I have learned along the way.

1.   I, personally, want to read the Bible first... every day... before I read anything else.  
I want to open God's word before the computer comes on or the phone draws me in or before any other book is opened.  I have no excuse for not doing this.  There are helps all over the internet for this and Bibles specifically designed to lay out my reading plan each day.  The key is doing it!  I need to set that alarm and open that Bible first thing and read.  I have been reading through it again this year in the HCSB version and I am using a plan from an official Read the Bible in a Year website through the app.  This does mean I have to turn a phone or computer or reader on to see the passages for the day but I am training myself to go just to the app and start without being drawn into all the other bells and whistles on the devices.  I have even taken to listening to my Old Testament passages through the auditory feature provided and it has done wonders for getting me through the Leviticus and Numbers sections.  I have stayed on track much more this year by using that feature.

2.   Why Should We Read Every Day?

Other people... smarter than me, have written about this so I thought I would share a quick list of my favorite reasons in link form to those articles.  The benefits are great for everyone in many facets of our lives.

7 Unconventional Reasons Why You Absolutely Should Be Reading Books

3.   Pick a Book and Make a Plan

Pick books you know you will enjoy.  I try to read authors recommended by people that like the same kinds of books I do or I read books by authors I already know I enjoy.  I read books on topics I really want to learn more about or on something that really sparks my interest.  I have put books down.  Life is too short to read a book you hate.  If it is going nowhere in about 50 pages I let it go.  If the author is just not connecting with me or insulting me I cut them loose.  No one needs to read stuff they don't enjoy.... unless it is necessary for a degree.  Those I have to finish.  LOL

Once you know what you are reading make a plan on how much to read each day.  Set aside time to read and hit that goal each day and in no time at all you will finish another book and your brain will thank you.

Here are more suggestions for making your plan from others who have found what works for them...

and my favorite...

Now that I have some ideas of how to make this work for me I am sitting down with pen and paper and writing out some goals that I will put into effect immediately in hopes of getting back on track with my reading for 2015.  I won't let it defeat me!

I hear Dave Ramsey quote Charlie Jones all the time.

Motivational speaker Charlie Jones said,
“You’re the same today as you will be in five years except for two things: 
the people you meet and the books you read.”

So, what are you waiting for.... get reading every day and see how it changes you!

from EvolutionStopsHere (click photo for link to photo resource)

One more little bonus link for my bookish pals.  
If you want a cool list of literary events for 365 days of the year this is the one.... Flavorwire's Ultimate Literary Calendar.  

Check it out!

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