March 20, 2015

Some Favorites for Friday - Welcome to Spring 2015 Edition

Hold onto your hats folks... the wind of Spring is kicking up and there is lots to share!  True to form we have had wind and rain to get this new season started in style.   I love rain... it makes everything feel fresh and clean and after the dust left by the wind it has been nice.

this graphic comes from She Reads Truth... isn't it beautiful?

 Let's not waste any time jumping right in today...

*   I have one straggler from last week's St. Pat's Day lineup that I found later.  It is a list of 25 Irish Sayings to Live By.  Very fun and informative!  I love learning about other cultures and languages.  Hope you can work one or two of these into your daily conversations soon.  Hahaha

*   I discovered some new things this week.  I may be way behind the times on these things but I wanted to share them anyway.  I discovered a fun new remodel show called Fixer Upper and I am in love!!!  Since our home has been in a constant state of remodeling for the almost 12 years we have been here I find this show very inspiring and fun and it is set in Texas, too.  Hope you give it a look-see.  

*   I also found a new grammar site to use with our homeschooler called Grammar Bytes.  It is full of terms, examples, videos, tips, rules, and practice pages using different grammar elements.  Have a look around and see if it is something you guys can use, too.  Look out for the shark!  He will BYTE you... ;)

*   I have a weekend project I found on Pinterest this week.  It is an organizing caddy for all those pesky electronics cords.  I have my shoebox ready to go and I will try and work on it tomorrow afternoon.  It is a great rainy day project and we are expecting a rainy day so it is perfect!  

*   I have been using the Plan To Eat site to menu plan since January and I am loving it.  You can always click through on the link in my left-hand column to find out more at anytime.  There are no strings attached to just click through and check it out.  Even if you don't want to use their service it is free to get on their e-mail list and they send great articles and recipes out each week.  You can also check out their Facebook page and everything there is free, too.  This week's article is all about "What is Seasonal  in Spring?"  They are great about encouraging us to use real whole foods and seasonal ingredients to prepare meals for our family that are nutritional and wholesome.  

*   I read through a few great articles this week.  

- An article called Still Life by Liz Curtis Higgs 
for us older ladies in the bunch

-  One entitled 9 Unbiblical Statements that Bible Loving Christians Believe
I believe this is self explanatory and it is very good!

-  A great article/review on the new Cinderella movie called 
Cinderella:  Have Courage and Be Kind

*   There is a new study starting up on Monday with the Love God Greatly group on 1 & 2 Peter and our little Bible study group will be diving in with them.  There is still time to get on board.  This time there is no registration outside of making sure you are on their e-mail list to get the blog posts and the free study material links.  I encourage you to study along with them and share it with your friends, too.  Check out their blog for all the details!  They are on Facebook, too, if you want to sub to their page.

*   Two more things to share with you.... it is nearly the end of tax season and if you were wondering how long to keep certain papers this is a great printable guide to post to remind you.  How Long Should I Keep It For?   It is a free printable from Clean Mama  While you are there have a look around.  She has a great blog!

*  I tried a new recipe this week and wanted to let you guys know about it.  It was not hard to do and not very time consuming but it was so delicious.  It is going into our regular lineup now.  It is Oven Fried Chicken w/ Honey Mustard Sauce.  Mercy!!!

I leave you with this beautiful worship song I downloaded to my ipod this week.  May God bless you and your family this weekend as you celebrate the beginning of Spring.  

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