April 05, 2015

A Pinterest Win.... and more....

I often find that things I find on Pinterest are hit or miss when it comes to recipes but this particular cake recipe was a complete win and is going in my permanent file.  

Thanks to the Baker Upstairs for her magnificent Fresh Strawberry Cake.  

It was a lovely way to finish our Easter meal today.  

Here are my process photos...

The cake base for the cake uses a strawberry puree.  It is a very fresh flavor!  I love using natural ingredients and making cakes from "scratch"

Putting the layers together... 
you could cut the sections in half and have four layers if you like.  
I chose not to this time out.

My kitchen is hot this time of year because we have not turned the air on yet but I frosted in layers.  I gave it a crumb coat and then chilled it.  

I gave it a second coat of frosting and then smoothed it out.

This is what was left after lunch today...

and a little different angle

It was a huge hit and I followed the instructions to the letter from The Baker Upstairs' recipe.  It is going into our permanent rotation for holidays and birthdays.  It is the perfect strawberry season cake!

A few more pictures from today....


  1. I'm going to be making this recipe Thursday for a friends birthday party on Saturday. How should I store it until Saturday? How do you think it will travel in the car for 4 hours?

  2. You can definitely make it a day or two ahead but keep it refrigerated because the frosting gets melty. If you are traveling you will need it to be refrigerated while you travel. A cooler with ice and then transport it in a cake container set down inside the cooler is my suggestion. Let it sit at room temperature about half an hour before you serve it. :)

  3. Thank you for the ideas. I'm so excited to make this cake. Hope I can do it justice.

  4. Leann, your cake looks divine! My hubby is bringing back some Louisiana strawberries tonight and I think I know what I'm going to do with some of them!