April 23, 2015

Computer damage....

Mercy, I cannot catch a break with computers.  I have now spilled water on my newest computer and it is in time out until Sunday.... in rice.... hoping it dries out.  Prayers are appreciated.  I am setting another computer up with a monitor for the weekend for the Read-a-thon just to be able to use something other than my phone for checking the blog for all the fun stuff.  I am on my daughter's computer right now.  She is at school and gave me "permission" to use it.  She really does not mind at all.  

Secret Church is happening tomorrow night and I am scrambling to find a good way to set that up, too.  I was going to use my computer and it would be simple but now I am not and it just got more complicated.  Pray for this event that is being held all around the world.

Dewey's Read-a-Thon happens all day Saturday.  If I long term use of someone else's computer I will be online and if not I won't.... but I will be reading!  All day....

I also got my book in the mail today....

Full weekend ahead for me but in such a fun and relaxing way.

Pray for my computer.... God can even restore those!

Thanks, my friends!

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  1. Oh, dear, Leann! So sorry! I hope the rice pulls all the moisture out! And I will pray for your poor computer! I should probably use travel mugs to drink out of when I'm on mine. Do NOT want this to happen to me!