April 21, 2015

May will bring some new into my life...

I have finally decided to take a challenge to cut the sugar.  I have searched and searched for just the right time and the right plan.  Well, there is really no bad time to give up sugar I suppose but the right plan has waltzed right into my life.  It is called Whole30.  

Do I want to lose some weight? 

Who doesn't, right?

But, that is not why I chose this one...

I have Lupus

I have tummy issues

I have skin issues

I have arthritis

I have been sick for a solid month with sinus/allergies and 
am just coming off one of the worst sinus infections I have had as an adult.

I have also gained 15 pounds since last October and it has to stop.

This plan has been proven to help with some, if not all of these issues.

I will begin this plan on May 1, 2015.

I have already started the process of testing recipes and reading the original book that goes with this program.  I have also ordered the new one to be released today to the public.

I have several friends who have tried this and there has been nothing but positive feedback because it is not a DIET... it is a detox/reboot that leads to a new way of life.  It is a plan to detox and reboot the system safely with great whole foods that don't deny the palette or the body of any nutrients.  It is meant to use my own body as the means by which I discover what my body can tolerate and what triggers things my body doesn't love.  Once you detox the system for 30 days on proteins, healthy fats and veggies and fruits then you can start to reintroduce grains and dairy back in to see how your body reacts.  Once you KNOW what causes the problems you can make a conscious effort to cut that in your life for good.  This is EXACTLY what I have been looking for.  

I am starting here...

and then reading this once it arrives in the mail...

and then I am menu planning using the information in these books along with help from other bloggers and friends who are doing the plan and, of course, PINTEREST resources.

I am going to blog it.... 
that is the scary part for me because 
I am making it public and making myself accountable for all to see... 
the good, bad, and ugly.  

Yes, you will get before and after pictures.  

If you have done this or are doing this or are interested in doing this then chat with me...

Shout out in the comments with any advice you have.

All questions about this program should be directed to the Whole9 site where the original author and experts reside to answer any questions you have and get you started on your own Whole30 journey.  I am on the journey, too, and will be checking in with the experts daily.

Wanta join me?


  1. How will having the family to cook for complicate things - will you make 2 meals, or the same meal, but supplement their stuff with grains?