April 27, 2015

Newsy Hodge Podge...

I am confined to one end of the house today.

We got a new air conditioning unit on Friday and while they were installing it they discovered rusted ducts in one section.... down the main hallway between the living areas and the bedrooms.  They are tearing the whole mess out today and installing new ones.  We finally made the switch from evaporated air to central heating and cooling and I could not be more thrilled!  We will finally have a cool summer inside while it is sweltering outside.  I just took an allergy pill, though, because this will be a rough day of rust and dust and dead bug stuff coming from the vents until it is finished. 

The kids are all preparing for AP exams this week and so our schedule is going to be long and crazy for them and there are two birthdays this week.  My Daddy turns 78 and my husband turns 50.  We will try to carve out time for a Dr. Pepper cake and maybe some homemade ice cream.  We would typically just buy Blue Bell but, well, there is none right now in the freezers at any of our stores in town.  We don't buy anything else so, to us, homemade is the only other option.  Dan will not be heartbroken over it, I can assure you. 

I caved on the read-a-thon at some point around midnight on Saturday because I had church on Sunday and needed to be wide awake for that but I did finish A Raisin in the Sun before I closed my eyes.  This was the second time I have read this play.  I plan on watching the play with my daughter at some point over the next few weeks.... the Sidney Poitier version and a newer version made just a few years ago.  Em finished the book over spring break so it will be a treat to see it together.  It is coming from Netflix in the mail.  

Dan and the boys had a camping weekend while Em and I did the Secret Church on Friday and read all day Saturday.  She was working on her studies for history while I read other books.  She made it out to praise team practice and then youth study Saturday evening.  The men folk got in early Sunday morning and then we did our typical crazy Sunday schedule.  The Korean church celebrated Dan with a cake yesterday.  They have loved on us well since we started there almost a year ago.  They are a precious group of people!

There were two cakes... Dan had the smaller of the two and the second one was for a 47th wedding anniversary of a couple in the church.  Dan is always glad to share.  You can see from his body language in this photo below he is not an attention seeking person.  He is always humbled when people celebrate him in any way.

My man!

I am taking on a few more work days lately so that my friend can get to doctor's appointments and physical therapy.  She is doing very well and I am glad to be able to help out.  She is very generous with feeding and compensating us for our time, too.  I love spending time with her.  We have become quite the pals over the last year.  She is a precious woman.  

Everything is good news coming from our oldest and we are grateful for all his amazing opportunities.  The teenagers are so crazy busy they barely have time to breathe but we have about 5 1/2 weeks of school left before summer begins for them.  There will be scout camps and youth camps and mission trips this summer so it won't slow down much but this will be the fun stuff with no homework.  Our youngest is getting excited about going to public school next year and we will no longer be a homeschooling family come June.  It is bittersweet but I know God has designed such an amazing situation for us to be able to home school and then "public school" our children with some of the best teachers we could ask for.  We do have quite an unusual opportunity where we are because of Dan's job and because of the situation with our high school being connected with a military post.  We have some real quality educators and many are Christians, too!  

I am starting the Whole30 plan on Friday this week (May 1st).  I am making some menu plans and continuing to read the two books I have on this topic.... It Starts With Food and The Whole30 both by Melissa and Dallas Hartwig.  I will do a big grocery run over at Sprouts on Thursday of this week to load us up with the good stuff.  Dan is doing at least dinners with me and the kids are usually game for whatever I am serving whenever they are home so no worries about them.  I know there will be a request or two for muffins and desserts but they have been given notice we are doing 30 days off of that but they will get to keep their tortillas and bread for sandwiches and breakfast burritos.  They will live.  

Some of you might like to see some more of my decluttering for 2015 so I worked on one of my desks last week.  Dan had refinished this a few years ago and it got piled on when my paper shredder broke.  I got a new one and so I went through everything and either ditched it, put it in a new home, or shredded it.  Here is the progression...

Piled high and ready to topple

I can see the top but the notebooks are still piled high and ready to be cleaned out

The finished product ready to use for a workspace.  Look at that lovely old desk!  It was my Meemaw's vanity desk way back when I was a wee lass.  It used to have an old mirror that went with it but that wore out many years ago.  I have a little bench that goes with it but prefer a chair so the bend is somewhere else in the house.

I am choosing a new area to work on this week.  
Eating the elephant one bite at a time is just the way to go for me.  

 That's the news from our little corner of the world.  I will work on a linky post for later in the week with lots of stuff to read and check out.  

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