May 21, 2015

A Summer Reading Plan...

I am currently reading four books.  

Crazy Love by Francis Chan
It Starts with Food by the Hartwigs
In conjunction with that I am reading Whole30 - the new one they just released

For review I am working on:

The Real Doctor Will See You Shortly by Matt McCarthy
Searching for Sunday by Rachel Held Evans

You know me.... I read more than one all the time.  

I am reading two for review and two for me.  All of them are proving to be great books so far.  

I had a stack of books I was collecting on my desk that just got moved to underneath the table by my bed and that is my go to list for summer reading so far.  It might change but I needed to narrow it down to save my sanity. 

These are the ones I am allowing myself to choose from and I am cutting off all purchasing of new books for the entire summer.  I mean, if I am in a used bookstore and find a treasure I will allow it but if it can wait I won't buy it.  I am good at holding myself back on such things...  LOL  This list may change but this is where I am beginning.  I have plenty of books within my four walls to keep me busy for years.  I think this is a good variety of different genres to keep my mind going with no boredom (as if I could ever be bored with books?!?!)

I will break this list down more as I move through the summer and share each one with you.  I won't finish this whole stack and I already know that but this is my limited selections... again... so I don't become so crazy overwhelmed trying to pick the next one in line.  That is not to say I won't wander off the list and grab another one from another shelf that catches my eye but I am trying... really.... I am!  LOL

 I have some books on my NOOK that are possibilities, too.  

These are all books I have had on the NOOK for some time with the intention of reading them but have just put them off.  I will admit that reading on my NOOK or Kindle is not my favorite but the prices on these books is fabulous so I have copies of books I want that I could not afford otherwise.   I have not even looked at the selections from my Kindle I could read, yet.  I want to start on the NOOK first.  I am trying to take an e-reader instead of a stack of hardbound books for traveling this summer.  It sure saves space in a travel bag but I cannot promise I won't grab one or two of the "real books" just because I love them so!

I will post books as I finish and there will certainly be some review books added along the way I will want to share with you.

So, what does your summer reading plan look like?  

Have you even begun to contemplate that, yet?

If you post books I would love to see your list.  Leave me a comment with your link or share your list there if you don't blog.  

Happy Summer Reading!

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