May 01, 2015

First International Indie Bookstore Day - May 2, 2015

I am not sure why this particular day never existed before.  I just happened to see an article on my FB feed that pointed me toward it.  I have been frequenting used and independent bookstores for as long as I have been able to drive to one.  There is just something different about the feel of local/indie bookstore.  It is the difference between The Shop Around the Corner and the big chain store Fox's Books in You've Got Mail.  

The chain stores seem all bubble wrapped and shiny and often seem familiar to every other one you have ever visited with the same name.  There is nothing new and adventurous about that.  I venture to say that the only one that has not felt that way for me is the chain of Half-Price Bookstores I have visited over the years.  Come to find out they are independently owned and that explains that!  You can go to the link and find one near you.

An indie bookstore has character, charm and local color.  It is as original and creatively designed as the people running the place.  It is unique and quite often has a very "unique system" for organizing the place although most try to follow a library John Dewey system of sorts.  It has a certain charm and smell when you walk in.  I often enter with great anticipation and take a deep breath as I open the front door to my favorite bookstores.  I am a book sniffer, too... I cannot help myself.

Upon reading the article I linked above I am grateful that the best things can come from hard times. This is a beauty for ashes kind of situation in my opinion.  They attribute the small explosion of indie booksellers to the worsening economy.  They go on to discuss why they think that played a role in the increase but I, honestly, don't care so much as I am just glad it happened.  I would live in a bookshop if I could!

We had a used bookstore that was dreamy here but it shut down.  It was, honestly, just poorly run by a guy who drank on the job, yes.... he even bragged about it and smelled strongly of it when you would go to the counter to check out.  It was a pretty horrible experience when he would get all "sweary and loud."  Management is everything in the retail business and his management just stunk.  

On the opposite side of that is the most brilliantly run bookstore I have every visited and it is just 45 miles north of us.  The Coas Bookstore is a huge store (with two branches now) in Las Cruces, New Mexico.  They have a fabulous online presence, too.  If you live too far to shop in person you can go online and check out their amazing selection of used and new books.  The in-store experience is the best, though.  I go every chance I get and am a regular contributor to their inventory.  I read books I own and then pack up a box (or ten) and take books in whenever I go.  While I am shopping they go through my box (or boxes) and load my credits for purchasing into their computer system.  I scan my little membership card upon check out and it applies my discounts to my current purchases.  I never pay much when I take books in and they always have a wide variety of great books from which to choose.  

The best part is not the fabulous selection or the homey feel but the customer service!  They are so friendly and they know their store and their books and can help you find anything you are searching for within minutes.  They even use walkie talkies with all the employees who are in the "stacks" for quicker service.  It is, by far, the best indie bookstore experience I have ever had.  I believe they even claim the title of the biggest used bookstore, at least in the southwest, if not in the United States.  I am thrilled that they are so close to us.  If you are ever in the neighborhood you need to go.... no, really, you should even make a special trip to JUST GO there!  You will not be disappointed.

Do you want to read more about this fabulous Indie Bookstore trend?  Check out this article!

Go find an indie store tomorrow and settle in for an adventure!

What is your favorite Indie Bookstore?
Please share!
If I am ever in your neck of the woods I want to go and visit!

A little fun clip from my favorite Indie Bookstore Britcom.... Black Books starring Dylan Moran.  You can enjoy most of the series on YouTube now.  Just a head's up.... he gets a little drunk and "sweary" sometimes, too... but he is so funny in this series!  LOL


  1. The hubs and I started watching Black Books after seeing your post, Leann. It's great! So funny! Thanks for the heads up!

    1. Seasons 1 and 2 are my favorites... just be aware that there is some bad language and lots of innuendo throughout.... definitely more for the grownups. I am glad you like it! :)

  2. Yes, already expected that. We'll not share it with the kids. Hey, good luck on your Whole30 journey! I saw the timeline. Looks tough, but at least you know what's a normal experience for each day. Sounds like you're right on track for Day 3. I might try this at some point.