May 14, 2015

Whole30 - Day 14.... a chatty post

Some mornings you wake up early and check your messages to find that your employer has cancelled you for the day because she is sick.  So, you grab a cup of coffee, your Bible and computer and head back to bed.  At least that is what I have done this morning.  After being on my feet baking and cleaning a kitchen all day yesterday I am grateful for the slower morning today.  I am sad my friend is sick but I am taking advantage of the down time.

It has been overcast and muggy here lately.  That is typically not the kind of weather we have in May.  It has been a cooler May this year and I am hoping that trend continues a bit longer before we head into the 100+ days.

If you are following along at home you will know that I am currently in the middle of the "Boundless Energy - Now Give Me a Damn Twinkie" phase (Days 12-15) of the Whole30 right now.  I am neither bounding nor craving at this point.  I am just plugging along.  I have not had any crazy dreams but on days 11-12 I did experience the "tighter clothing" to a small degree (a few days late)... just a bit of the bloat for a day or two.  Everything seems to have gone back to normal now, though.

I suspect I have not moved through some of the phases as others have because of several factors.  One, I had pretty much eliminated soy, MSG and nitrites/sulfites from my diet before I ever started this process.  I am allergic to soy and have some pretty serious reactions to the other chemicals... like massive headaches and hives.  So, I ditched those some time ago.  Secondly, I have Lupus and Fibromyalgia junk going on that other people don't deal with.  I think it slows the process of recovery a bit because I still have arthritis, pain and stiffness, and fatigue.  Those won't disappear quickly I am afraid.

I also began eating a more whole food diet several years ago.  This round, for me, was more about ditching sugar and other possible allergens.  I am finding that some things are getting better but I feel I still have a long way to go in relieving the arthritis, body aches and stiffness.  I find that overdoing it activity wise is playing a greater role in the aches and pains than diet right now.

The only thing I am still hanging on to is the coffee.... I do love my coffee but I drink mine black so the only issue is the caffeine.  If I go on to do a second Whole30 at some point I might ditch the coffee and see what happens.  I am limiting my coffee intake to mornings only at this point and am certainly sleeping better because of it and the food choices I am making now.

I don't miss dairy except for my occasional yogurt.  I find that healthy fats and avocado are a great way to curb the cheese I thought I could not give up.  I had stopped drinking milk a long time ago and drink the Cashew and Almond milks with 25 and 30 calories per serving (no sugar) and they suffice very nicely for me.

The only grains I miss are the occasional bowl of oat porridge at breakfast because I just like it. I miss a good bowl of rice to put stuff on top of at dinnertime.  I did eat a lot of rice before I started this process.  I don't know about wheat.... I don't seem to be craving a sandwich or dinner roll and such.  I think over a longer period of time I would miss the treat of biscuits with gravy or a scone or cookie with coffee but it is not something that is torturing me.  I baked cookies yesterday for that event and had no trouble, whatsoever, resisting the urge to taste anything.  My 10 year old was a fine taster of all things sweet yesterday.  My husband came in and devoured a plate of samples I left for him and approved, too.  He is still a sugar addict.  LOL  If it is in the house he will eat it.  His day is coming.

I have been eating some repeat items this week.  I made up a batch of the Sweet Potato/Brussel Sprout Hash and have had that several mornings this week.  I also finished off my Paleo Chili and have had another round of the Zoodle Spaghetti with Paleo Meatballs.  I made a few chicken breasts up to cut up on top of salads for lunches and a homemade vinaigrette to go with it.  We had a Curried Chicken Broccoli Coconut Soup last night that the family ate over rice and I just had plain.  I have also had my Paleo Shrimp Fried Rice (grated cauliflower) a few times.  I will post a collage of food from the week tomorrow.

I think Dan is getting hamburgers for the kids tonight because it will be a rushed evening and the recital falls at dinnertime.  We have to leave the house very early to set up a reception table for a recital with those cookies I baked and a bowl of punch for my MIL.  She is playing a piano recital tonight that she has been preparing for over a year.  I will eat something here before I go and pack a Larabar and a bottle of water just in case.

Well, I am off and running now.... getting breakfast and another cuppa coffee and then gathering supplies for tonight while my youngest is plugging away with his school stuff.

I will have some links, books, and a recipe or two to share with you tomorrow.  I will have more time to work on a collage and putting that together in the morning.  Have I mentioned how much I love ?  It is FANTASTIC!  See you soon!

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