May 20, 2015

Whole30 - Day 20

I must confess, at this point, that I have been off my Lupus medication (not a bad thing folks.... I am not going to die).  It is not like going off blood pressure or heart meds where I would have a stroke if I don't take them.  People go off them all the time if they find they have vision issues.  I merely got off temporarily to see how the diet plan would affect my inflammation.  It has helped drastically but I am having skin issues still and my energy level is not where I would like it to be.  As a matter of fact it is nowhere close to where I would like it to be.  I am not sure why no tiger blood has happened but my clothes are getting more and more loose by the day so something is happening.  I am not craving any sugar or fast food.  I am enjoying my food and my taste buds are awake again so things are much more flavorful.  I am going to go ahead and restart my lupus medication today to see what happens next.  I am hoping it will boost the process a bit to bring on more energy and more clarity from my ongoing Lupus fog.  

I am hoping to try some new recipes over the coming 10 days because I am feeling I am in a bit of a food rut the last few days.  I am just resorting to easy and I want to challenge myself a bit more.  I am also finding that I am filling up on smaller amounts of food and there are times I am not even hungry when mealtime rolls around but I eat anyway because I am not suppose to skip meals.

 A grocery run is in order.

I will do a food post by Friday with more yummy photos!  

I just posted a bell pepper recipe I made Monday.

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