May 22, 2015

Whole30 - Day 22 and counting down

After thinking that I had totally missed the weird dreams about food phase I had one last night.  It was crazy... I inhaled a loaf of bread in the dream but the funniest thing is that I don't even think about bread anymore.  I think it was more about the panic I felt after I ate it and the feeling of not ever wanting to be in that stage of eating desperation ever again.  I have decided that when I do put whole wheat back in to test the old system it will be homemade bread and not store bought ever again.  I say never again because I want only whole food going in from now on... that may not be possible but I can sure try.  I need to institute a weekly baking day again like I used to have before this Lupus mess took over.  I think I can pull it off.  

I have been repeating a lot of my meals and eating simple things for breakfast like the granola, fruit and a breakfast meat and the sweet potato hash with an egg on top.  They are becoming favorites and I know I will continue to enjoy them long after this is over.  

I have had some leg and foot cramping this week some.  I am adding a multivitamin back into my routine and am upping my water and a bit more salt to see if that is helpful.  I know I am getting enough potassium because I get a lot of potatoes and bananas weekly.  I also still enjoy a variety of nuts and dried fruits.  I think the issue is more a lack of magnesium and potassium.  I dropped a lot of mag heavy foods out when I started this 30 day process.  I think my body is rebelling due to that deficiency.  

Here are a few newer foods I have eaten lately...

In other news we are closing in on the end of school.

The band concert is over and we are biding our time until the choir concert is over next Wednesday night.  The kids have finished up all their major state and college prep testing and they are moving into "dead week" and then class semester finals.  I think they are exempt from most of them so that will be a very light week.  They run school here until the second week of June... which I have always thought was absolutely insane!  That is too long.

Em starts driver's education and then we start packing and prepping kids for their various summer camps and trips.  There might actually be one week all summer where we are all home together.  It will be a little crazy but the kids have really been looking forward to scout camps, youth camps and mission trip adventures so I am not sweating it.  I will take them when I can get them and pray for them non-stop along the way.

We will have a new senior in a little more than two weeks and that has enough crazy of it's own.  I am letting my girl enjoy the summer she has with friends and trips before that consumes our world.  They grow up so quickly!

I am ending this post with a few pics for Mamaw...  

The middles at their band banquet

Mother, please stop taking pictures!

Emily trying to get David to do something and he is refusing....
 I have no idea!  
LOL  It was just a funny photo.

The boys prepped food for Mother's Day... 
Josh is quite the grill master when Dad is supervising

David tossing salad at Grandma's house

Em playing her solo at the school class piano recital.

Now, you have been photo blasted!  LOL

Have an amazing Memorial Day Weekend.  

I will check in if I get a chance tomorrow and probably Monday.  

Blessings to you and yours!

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  1. Leann, I had cramping in my legs and feet when I did low carb. I think the diuretic effect was flushing the magnesium and who knows what else out of my system. You might be right about needing more of it. I wish we could find the happy balance, diet-wise that provides all the nutrients with all the health benefits. It seems like there is something lacking in every way of eating I've tried.