May 28, 2015

Whole30 - Day 28 and counting down

I am still moving toward the end of May nicely.  I am not struggling with my food at all.  I am not craving sugar or bread or feeling hungry most of the time.  I am also NOT experiencing Tiger Blood and still have arthritis and fatigue symptoms and some digestive issues but they are all a bit better each week.  I am contemplating adding a few things in during the month of June and then heading back into a modified 30 days for July if I am able to coordinate that with any possible travel we might be doing.

Can I just say out loud that I am kind of tired of eating meat every meal?  I want a night where I can just have a lentil soup or something vegetarian.  I am going to test the waters on that and see how it goes soon.  I was eating vegetarian at least 2 full days a week before I started this and would like to move back to some options to do that again.

I am also suspicious of the Nightshade vegetables again, too.  I would like to do an AIP (Autoimmune Protocol) version of the Whole30 and be very strict with it to see how that affects my body, too.

I am not done with this Whole30 thing by any stretch of the imagination.

I know I don't want to start putting sugar back in regularly.  I might need to make some rules for me to keep me on track.  I would allow for desserts for very special occasions like birthdays and a holiday celebration but keep it in check the rest of the time.  I still need to think through that.

I also want to find some more Paleo versions of things for me to eat to keep gluten at arm's length.  I want to stay more with veggies and fruits and not bread and pasta dishes for my meals.  I know already that the pasta for lunch would make me super draggy the rest of the day so I want to put better things in throughout the day.

Saturday is my last full day.

I will measure and weigh in on Sunday morning and report back on progress with photos.  I don't anticipate a huge weight loss but I know I am not puffy and swollen like before.  I know my clothes are fitting more loosely and Dan says he notices a difference in my shape.  We will see...

I am hoping to write more regularly through the weekend and into June but this week has been a bear. We have had so many thing we are trying to finish for the end of another school year and we should start slowing down drastically come Monday June 1st.

I will be grateful for some lazier days of summer.

Thanks for following my journey this month and know that I am not done and that I will still be reporting on health and home and family.

Thank you for all of your support!



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  1. Funny, when you started this, I was considering trying it myself. But now I am going in the complete opposite direction toward mostly vegan and am feeling pretty good. I've discovered that grains don't bother me. It's oils that bother me. I hurt if I use a lot of oils (even olive). Maybe too many omega 6's and not enough omega 3s. Still tweaking. But I find that lowering my fats has actually boosted my energy. I would've though it would be the reverse! When I eat almost no fats I feel amazing. But I still will look for ways of getting healthy fats with less oils. Nuts, seeds, avocados. That sort of thing.