May 04, 2015

Whole30 Day 4... No one died today!

 So, today I did not kill all the things....  LOL  

I only had one big outburst when everyone was invading my kitchen and I felt a bit overwhelmed by all the crazy.  I am hoping for an early bedtime.  

I spent the day working on some things around the house and working on some food things to get me through the week.  

I made some paleo granola.  I used this recipe but left out the honey so it would be Whole30 compliant.  I boiled some eggs, cleaned out the refrigerator, made some more paleo Chicken Primavera from the new Whole30 Cookbook but I used cilantro and sent it more of a Mexican direction with it's flavors and then made some homemade breakfast sausage.  

I bought two pounds of ground meat... chicken and pork and then set to work adding some green chilis and some spices (all listed in the recipe linked above).  It was so easy I don't think I will ever buy the premade stuff again!

The ground meats of choice

I used one of my scoops and my two stone pans from my Pampered Chef set to make beautiful round patties that are all about the same size and cooked evenly throughout.

We sampled one and they are so yummy!  Precooked and ready for the rest of the week.

Here is my food for today.  I ate an extra snack and had a Kombucha  today to help with the digestive issues.  (a bit of a treat with the compliant store bought one)  I think I got fewer calories in breakfast and lunch than I have on other days so I was hungry for that afternoon snack.  I am not allowed to weigh myself or my food for this.  I am suppose to have a protein and a healthy fat at each meal and snack.  I added some ghee to the potato for the evening meal because I needed that fat.  It was pretty good on a sweet potato.

I will try to remember to share some NSV (No Scale Victories) tomorrow... you are welcome to remind me.  LOL  I do forget stuff sometimes.

I have my meals prepared for tomorrow already because I have to head to work tomorrow and take all my food with me.  Preparation is the biggest factor in this whole eating plan.  I spend a lot more time thinking through all my meals.  I am sure it gets easier over time but right now it consumes a lot of time.

So, until tomorrow.... I bid you adieu.  :)

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  1. Lol! I thought it was funny that there is a stage where you want to KILL all the things! Sounds a bit scary, but I imagine it's a tad tongue in cheek. Super grumpy/Bite Your Head Off is what I assume it's actually like? I hope so! Eep! I should make our own breakfast sausage. I've done it before, but it wasn't as good as Jimmy Dean's. But I need to for 2 reasons: MSG and too much salt. Okay, I will make some this week!