May 06, 2015

Whole30 - Days 5-6

I am still snapping pics of all the food. If you want to know how I make anything let me know.  It is all pretty straight forward so far.  Simple whole foods either sauteed, baked, roasted, boiled (par boiled mostly) or raw.

I have had a couple of No Scale Victories (NSV).  We are not allowed to weigh or measure during the 30 days so we pay more attention to the changes taking place in our bodies instead.  I have had chronic sinus congestion for years and I am seeing that slowly go away more each day.  My ears are opening up and I am having less and less pressure in them.  Another thing I have noticed is that my stomach is more calm and indigestion is lessening.  My skin is less red and more healthy looking already and I am not having the blotchiness and bumps like I am having an allergic reaction after I eat.

I am also moving through the phases as predicted.  I was pretty on edge on days 4 and 5 and today for day 6 all I want to do is sleep and chill.  

So, here is the food...

I had two of my meals at work and Miss Sherrie has all orange stuff... table cloth, plates, mugs, etc...  

The sausage is homemade for breakfast, lunch was a baked sweet potato with avocado and bacon on it.  Dinner was a Chicken Primavera that I shared earlier and it is from the Whole30 Guide that was just released.  

For breakfast today I had some homemade coconut yogurt with a paleo nut granola and fresh fruit.  I had another one of those homemade sausages with it.  For lunch I had some paleo turkey chili with avocado and a half a plum.  The third picture is my new "toy"... a SPIRALIZER that makes any vegetable just about into spirals.  I did zucchini noodles (Zoodles) for dinner with paleo meatballs and a Whole30 friendly Marinara sauce with a side of broccoli.  It was very good and I did not miss the real pasta.

I will be having a cup of tea shortly.  Most tea and coffee is allowed on this as long as it has no sugar or artificial sweeteners, harmful chemicals, soy or anything else unnatural.  I am enjoying my nightly chamomile tea.  I have cut coffee to mornings only and the symptoms have been very manageable.  I have not had any headaches just some mild body aches and tiredness.

So, tomorrow is one week down and three to go.  The next 4 days are said to be the hardest so I might go into hiding.  LOL  Just kidding... sorta.  I am going to be kind to me for Mother's Day weekend.

Has anyone else had any experience with a Spiralizer?  

I would love to hear some of your creative recipes using one!

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  1. Hey, Leann! Glad you got through the KILL days and are now in the sleep and chill days. I remember something being said about a day coming where your clothes suddenly feel tighter. Then it passes. I have to go look up which day it is, but I remember thinking that it seemed so odd that it came after being so good for so long. One of those things that just happens in the recovery. I think I would be terribly discouraged at that point and give in were I not aware that it's a perfectly common phase of the journey.

    About the spiralizer, I have one that is less versatile than yours. I bought it when I tried going raw. I was very impressed with how good zucchini noodles were. I haven't used mine in awhile. I kind of forget I have that option. But I will try to remember it next time I want to do spaghetti. Sure is better for me than the gf noodles I love. Better on the blood sugar, that's for sure!

    Congrats on getting this far! Don't get too quiet! ;) I like hearing about your experiences, good and bad.

    Take care and keep up the great work, my friend!