May 09, 2015

Whole30 - Days 7-9

Ok, let's just start this post out right today.... 

Both pairs of jeans that I have been wearing were in the wash and I had to drag out the old pair that I have not been able to button or zip since before Thanksgiving and guess what..... 


Something is happening and I am so glad to see some kind of progress because the first week was dang hard.  I was exhausted, as predicted, on days 6-7.  It was true that all I wanted to do was nap.  I went to bed before 9:30 pm both nights and slept straight through until 6:30 am the next morning.  This is day 9 and I am suppose to be in the "My Pants Are Tighter" day 2 but they are not!  

Tomorrow is deemed the hardest day (Day10) where most people decide to quit but I am holding strong.  Dan bought thick cut pork chops to grill and is making me baked sweet potatoes to go with it.  I have a bag of asparagus I can make sure he is aware of, too.  I could eat roasted asparagus every day but I am sure no one really wants me to do that.  LOL

I am finding new recipes to try daily and I am not bored with the food at all.  I can honestly say that I am not craving much outside of maybe some rice but I found a solution to that, too.  I eat a lot of rice when I am not on a Whole30 but if you grate cauliflower and saute it in a little coconut oil it will do the trick.... at least for me it has.  

Since I skipped a few days posting the food I will do a big collage of my favorites over those days.  I repeated a few things because I made them in bulk to cover lunches so I would not have to work so hard on those NAP days.  Three pictures of Paleo Chili and baked Sweet Potatoes just gets boring anyway.  ;)

The large photo is, of course, a roasted chicken.  Top right is a Paleo Waldorf Salad (sans celery... not a fan) on Romaine Lettuce.  Below that is a Sweet Potato/Brussel Sprout Hash made with my homemade sausage.  Inn the bottom right corner is a Paleo "Fried Rice" made with cauliflower for the rice and I added a scrambled egg, zucchini and shrimp.  That is a kitchen sink type recipe where you can add whatever Whole30 compliant veggies you have in the fridge.  It was delicious!  The bottom middle dish is Brussel Sprouts sauteed with red onion and bacon.  The last one on the bottom left is a batch of Baked Curly "Fries"  made with my new Spiralizer.  

I will try to get some recipes up for these... I was inspired by some Pinterest things but I made my own versions on all of these so they were my recipes in the end.  If there is something you are particularly wanting soon just let me know.

Other things I had over those days included more chili, hash and a big baked sweet potato with bacon and avocado.  The meals are never boring, that is for sure.  I am working on a recipe for a Crustless Quiche that is dairy and cheese free.  I plan to use coconut or cashew milk in place of milk and cream.  I will let you know how it turns out.

In other news I got a new Wok this week...

My friend Sherrie (I cook for her a lot) ordered it for me and it is BEAUTIFUL and FANTASTIC and PURPLE!  I have already used it three times and I just got it on Thursday.   Yes, that is a TARDIS cookie jar in the background.... I am a geek!

Tomorrow is Mother's Day (as you all already know) so I want to wish you all a lovely day with your families.  I am one kid shy this year here at home but I know where he is and that he is happy and doing what he loves most and that is truly the best thing I could ask for.  

Celebrate well, my precious Mama friends!
Soak it all in.... it goes by far too quickly.


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  1. Glad you survived the nap days, Leann! I wonder if your tight feeling will come later? It would be interesting if you never had that. Maybe you have a good digestive biome or whatever they call it. I wish I liked sweet potatoes without sugar. Maybe if I do this at some point I'll find them more appealing. I'm a white potato girl which I know is not "paleo", or is it now? I think paleo keeps evolving. ;) heh heh!

    Congrats on getting this far, and Happy Mother's Day!