May 12, 2015

Whole30... The Hard Days

I have zero pictures for today because I am just too exhausted to bother.  LOL  

Well, it is not that I have no pictures because I do and I will share them.  But today... no.

This week is hectic.

Days 10-11 were suppose to be hard days.  

Well, they were not any harder than any of the other days and I am doing fine.  I am staying the course and hanging in there.  I have had a bit of a headache today but I have a crick in my neck from sleeping wrong on it last night.

Tomorrow and Thursday might be harder days than any other because I got an order for cookies for a reception in the midst of this whole thing.  I love baking and I love customers and filling orders but I am going to have to be diligent with not tasting stuff.  Since I cannot eat or taste any of what I bake I am going to have to rely on my husband and kids to do that for me.  

The hard part will be watching myself to keep from habitually tasting stuff.  It is so ingrained in me as a chef to taste my food as I work to make sure it is worthy of the customer's event.  I won't be able to this time.  I will have to keep my eye on the prize and trust my family to tell me the truth.  They usually do a good job as taste testers.

I am going to try and knock out all the cookies in the morning so I can put them away and store them out of sight and mind.  Then I have to be at the event where it will all be out on the table.  I am also serving one of my favorite punch recipes and I can have NONE OF IT!  

Now, that is what I call the Hard Days.... the rest has been a piece of cake (without actually eating cake).  

I am also not experiencing the boundless energy promised for Day 12 (today).  I am hoping that by Friday I will have some recovery time from working two days with my friend Sherrie, evening events and then baking cookies.  

With Lupus I try not to do more than one night out a week because it really wears me out to be out after dinner.  This week I have to break that rule and I might need a week off to recover.  

Ha!  I have teens... that will never happen.

Oh, and today I picked up my new glasses... I look like an old lady with big kids but I love that they are purple and that I can see again.  Hurrah for seeing and for PURPLE!!!

Note the little photo bomber!  Silly boy!!!

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