June 08, 2015

The "Do Summer" Post

School ends in 3 days.... 2 days for the teens and youngest and 3 days for Dan the Band Directing Man.

That means we need a plan.

In steps Jon Acuff and his brilliant mind with a plan tailor made just for our ever learning family.

Our children don't look forward to summer so they can play video games and sleep late.  Well, the sleeping late part might be a dream but Dan is not one to let them sleep in.  He rumbles through the house every morning with phrases like... "You're burning daylight!"  or "Never know you kids were farm bred the way you sleep in!"  He says, "If you want to sleep more go to bed earlier!"  LOL  Yep... he is a taskmaster.

Our kids look forward to uninterrupted music practice and reading books.  They look forward to time to work on projects they have been putting off because of the piles of homework.  They look forward to scout camps and youth camps and mission trips and odd jobs to earn money for band fees.  They spend time at the pool or hiking, biking, running, working out, etc... They are hard working kids.

That is not to say they are in any way perfect.... there are teen discipline issues that rear their ugly head from time to time and I am still working out the parenting on that on a daily basis.  Each one is very different from the other so they all need their own approach.  It is tiring...  no doubt, but lazy and bored, they are not.

Sure, there are the odd moments when we catch them watching a Rhett and Link or Jimmy Fallon Hashtag video on youtube.com or playing a quick game of Trivia Crack with each other or a friend but they don't hang out online much.

Our youngest is the only one who ever asks to play a video game but that is because he is the only one who OWNS any... he is a Legomaniac with the video game stack to prove it.  The only problem (to him anyway) is that he plays fewer games.... almost none, really, in the summer while everyone is home to keep him company.

So, Jon Acuff.... he has a plan.... a Do Summer Plan for the whole family.

We have printed off the paperwork and now everyone has to choose something to work on specifically for 15 minute increments each day between today and September 8.  It can be anything they want to learn more about or get better at.  It can be specified music practice or reading a specific book or books.  It could be learning more about something they are interested in or working on a skill like reading or learning a language.  It could be picking up a new instrument for the summer.... in my daughter's case it could be guitar or Ukulele.  Anything they want for 15 minutes increments for 3 months until they hit 25 more more hours spent doing it or learning it or whatever...

I have decided to kick my Korean studies into high gear because I don't know if we will even have a teacher in the fall and I want to build the habit of studying on my own.  I am shooting for 30 minutes a day.  Sure, I have other goals, too, but Korean will be my timed project for the next three months.  My goal is to begin to have some light conversations with people at church to practice and to this point I am still not able to do that.  I have some vocabulary but am still bumfuzzled (yes, this is a real word) by the grammar and putting it all together.  I am about to change all of that starting today!

So, to make it official...

Specific - Learning Korean Basic Language through a variety of methods...  learning video from YouTube, Audio Language Learning on my ipod, flashcards for vocabulary, reading Korean texts, translating specific words in my Korean Bible as I learn to make those connections.

Measurable - I will be able to increase my vocabulary by at least 10 new words per week and keep track of the time spent in study.

Attainable - by using a variety of methods and practicing in 15 minute increments this should be fully attainable

Relevant - to learn to speak Korean and communicate with Korean people from our church makes this a very necessary and relevant skill to have.

Time Based - 15 minute increments for 3 full months for 25 or more hours practice should bring this skill into better use by Autumn of 2015.  At that time I will reevaluate my lessons and prepare to increase my knowledge in a new plan next semester.

Do you want to join me?

Do you have a plan for summer for you and your family?

Feel free to share with me in the comments or if you write a post about it please leave a link for me to be able to check out what you are up to, too!

Let's make this summer count!


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  1. "Make it through today" isn't actually a goal? Sigh. My loose plan for my Friday half days is to thoroughly clean, purge and prettify the upstairs. That's off to a good start with this first half day Friday's sleep fest (well, at least that unscheduled four and a half hour nap was taken upstairs).

    For a person with a normal energy level, it's probably a two day project, maybe three. It will take me much longer. Old curtain rod to come down, new ones up, plus new curtains and valance. Mount the giant artwork above the bed. Do the furniture dance - empty the dresser and chest of drawers, move them to the loft and the armoire from the loft into the bedroom. Purge the stuff taken out of the drawers and armoire and replace in the armoire only. Purge the bedroom closet. Go through all the stuff in the Laundry Basket of Mysterious Objects (old laundry basket with papers that need filing or tossing, some odd objects and various bits and pieces of things). Move the elliptical.

    Just typing it made me tired. Specific steps and time frames before the weekend...