June 09, 2015

Whole30 - Permanent Changes

The verdict is in on several foods now and I will be making a clean sweep of my kitchen and rebooting the gluten free lifestyle.  I have had adverse reactions to several things to such a degree that I do not ever want to put those things in again on purpose... (or by accident if I can avoid it)

I will no longer be able to eat:

*  Dairy in any form other than maybe yogurt is out.  I still need to do the test on that to see if my stomach tolerates it.  Ice cream was a HUGE NO!

*  Soy of ANY kind in ANY products... no soy flour, oil, beans, tofu, soy sauce... etc.  It is not a good food for me at all.  It makes me quite ill to have it even small amounts now.

*  Wheat products.... I had a very strong reaction to it yesterday and am still feeling the effects 24 hours later.

*  Nothing with nitrites or sulfites....also no MSG EVER.  I get headaches and immediate hive like responses on my skin.

*   Sugar is still a no no as a general rule and I will be finding alternatives for some occasional treats because a girl needs something chocolate every now and again.... and I can have cocoa/cacao.

I still have to test beans/lentils, oats (it will be gluten free oats), quinoa, rice, peanuts, I still have a great deal of work but at least I know some of my triggers now and can actively seek to make those changes.  I am seeking to be ready to do another Whole30 in the fall with the Autoimmune Protocol revisions.

I am not dwelling on the negative, though.  There are some awesome foods I can eat and do more regularly now.  I do feel better on the days when no allergens are in my system and the testing phase is a bit hard but it is so very profitable.

I will share more changes as I make them and a plan once I figure all of this out.  In between allergy testing I am sticking to the Whole30 safety net and trying new ways of making veggies and adding some new meats to the mix.  It is a new adventure and if you have read my blog very long you know I love a new adventure!

Until next time...



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  1. Sounds pretty tough! I hope you don't have too much more you'll have to eliminate!