July 18, 2015

Your Sacred Yes by Susie Larson

What is this book about?
(and what I loved)

This is a Christian nonfiction book about how we live out each day seeking God’s will for every moment.  Susie Larson’s premise is to show us how valuable we are to Christ and how important it is to say no to the things that God is not calling us to and to say yes to His ultimate plan for each day.  The idea behind saying yes to God is to bring glory to Him in all we do.  She shows us how through scripture and theological wisdom as well as stories from her own walk with Christ.  She shares her experiences with us to show us how God’s best for us brings freedom, passion and joy to our everyday lives. 

It is beautifully written with a very encouraging tone.  There are spiritual principles and some very practical daily application that I took from this book.  It is loaded with scriptural messages straight from the mouth of God to embrace us as His own.   There is a lot of grace and mercy in Mrs. Larson’s words.

The format is one that can be read on one’s own or with a study group.  In fact, she is starting an online study for this book in the next week or so.  It closes each chapter with prayer, personal reflection questions, A Wise Word block, group discussion starters and a Faith Declaration statement.  If you are looking for studies for your small group Susie Larson offers this format in several of her books. 

What I did not love…

I am not a fan of The Message because I do not feel it is really a Bible but more of one man’s commentary on the Bible.  She uses several passages from this particular text when I felt like she should have gone with a more accurate text to quote.  She had some great quotes by some very stellar scholars, though, and I appreciated that.  (No, I am not a KJV only person)

She did repeat herself a great deal in certain chapters but I can see, in many cases, it was for emphasis on our value in Christ.  She is consistently reminding us that God loves us right where we are and I loved that part.  She just seems to be repetitive in places where it may not be necessary. 

Pulling it all together…

Mrs. Larson pulls it all together by adding a very practical challenge in Chapter 13 to change how we approach each day.  I urge you to heed the challenge if you are new to a daily Bible and exercise time.  

Who Should Read?

If you are living a crazy busy life and feeling burned out and tired I encourage you to read what Mrs. Larson has to say.  This is a book for people of all walks of life.  The message is timeless and spans across ages to reach us where we are right now.  This message is one we all need.

Overall, I enjoyed the book very much and would give it a 4 out of 5 stars.  I would gladly read other books my Mrs. Larson.  She has a beautiful spirit about her writing and this book really gave me pause to think about how I live my days for Christ.  There are changes I will make based on what she has shared.  Thank you to her for pouring out her heart in this very helpful and encouraging book.

Want to know more about Susie Larson and this book?

You can find out more here on her about page... (here is a clip from her page to get you started)

"Susie Larson is a radio host, author and national speaker. She hosts her own daily live talk show, Live the Promise with Susie Larson. Susie connects weekly with thousands through her radio program and her daily faith questions on Facebook
Susie has also served as a media voice for Moody Radio and as a co-host for Focus on the Family's daily live talk show, Everyday Relationships with Dr. Greg Smalley."

You can find her book page and study guide at SusieLarson.com and if you click through you will see that she is starting that online study of this book soon.

Take a look at Susie as she shares about session one of her study...

This book came to me as a free book through the Bethany House Publishing Company.  All they asked is that I give it a fair review with my honest opinions.  You just got that!  

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