August 28, 2015

Ch... Ch.... Changes...

For the first time in 22 years I have been home alone during the day this week.

Our youngest started sixth grade at the school where his father teaches.

That would mean that I am no longer a homeschooling mother.

Our days start each morning around 5:30 am.

It was also this week a year ago that our oldest left home to become a Marine.

Seems life never slows...  it is always in flux and changing

It is one of those times in life where one might feel like they are starting over.

It is a new experience for me because, before I had our oldest nearly 22 years ago, I was in graduate school and teaching fifth grade at an intermediate school in Lake Worth, TX... just north of Ft. Worth.  Dan was in SWBTS in Ft. Worth studying to become a pastor and working a landscaping job.  
I was pregnant with our oldest my last year of teaching and I walked the stage to receive my master's degree two months before he was born so I had two months at home tidying the house and preparing for his birth.  Since that time I have never been alone.  I have had children home with me while Dan went to work each day... until this past Monday.  

It has been a strange and quiet week.

I am forging new routines and ways to spend each new day.  

I can assure you I am not bored.  The last thing I ever am is bored.  

It is quite possible that the changes in our life this past week have brought on a Lupus flare.  It has been a true Godsend to be able to rest through it in a way I never would have been able to before this week.  It was as if God knew it was coming at just this moment and that I would need this time to rest and think and plan and recover.  I am grateful it did not come one day sooner.  

I shared, not too long ago, that I read a book by Gretchen Rubin on Habits.  The timing on that read was perfect as well.  I am monitoring my days to see where I can work through habits, schedules and routines to be more efficient and productive with the times when I feel better and have more energy. Mornings seem to be the most productive time of day for me and I am craving earlier bedtimes with the early morning starts.  

So, with our first week coming to a close there will be a football game night for the teens and a weekend full of homework.  I leave you with some first week pictures... and the promise that there will be much more musing on habits and newness and change and routines and cleaning out the house, etc... because this is my new reality and I plan to thrive in it.  Bring on the change... I am ready!

Nineteenth year teaching for Dan and the others are... 
Senior year... Sophomore year... and 6th grade.... here we go!

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