September 28, 2015

31 Days in October... Our Habits

It is almost time for the 31 Days in October challenge.  

It is a writing challenge for bloggers to write on a topic for 31 days.  

I have jumped on this bandwagon for several years in a row now.  

I found my stride last year and the secret to posting every single day.  

I am endeavoring to write again this year with the topic of habits.  It is so fresh in my mind since reading Gretchen Rubin's new book called Better Than Before. (which I highly recommend if you had not guessed by now).  I am revealing the topic a little early and starting the posting process behind the scenes so you will get the full 31 days of writing.  My button is done... simple and to the point and the writing is in progress so stay tuned in October for...

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