September 03, 2015

A Precious Food Memory.... Potato Soup

Potato Leek Soup is on the menu for us tonight.  

It is a nourishing comforting meal for me.  

When I was a child, my father would make potato soup for us.  I remember that he would make it for us after a period of illness.  The first thing I would eat once my appetite would return would be potato soup on many occasions.  It is something I still crave when I have been sick in bed without an appetite for a few days.  

I remember my first year of marriage to Dan.  I was finishing up my degree in education with my student teacher semester and we were nearing the end of the semester before Christmas.  I became quite ill and was diagnosed with pneumonia and sent to bed for about two weeks.  At one point I could not even sit up without throwing up.  I did not eat for days because I just could not.  You know you are loved when someone holds your hair, keeps cold washrags ready for the back of your neck and forehead and fusses over you for weeks at a time.  Not every man is willing...  

My precious husband was at his wit's end on how to help me.  He got me to the doctor and got the medications that the doctor prescribed and put me straight to bed.  He brought chicken broth, Gatorade, water, ginger ale... anything I could keep down to get more liquids in me.  

Once the fever finally broke and I was able to sit up for a little bit at a time I began to eat a few bites of toast here and there.  My husband knew that my appetite was returning and in an attempt to find out what he should get for me once that happened he called my father to ask.... "What do I feed her once her appetite returns?"  Without missing a beat my dad told him to make potato soup and then proceeded to tell him how to do it.  

He came in, sat me up and propped my pillows behind me.  He went back out of the room noting he would be right back and then proceeded to bring in a bowl of that soup.  I was completely baffled that he made soup and had to ask what happened.  He told me about the phone call and then sat in the chair beside the bed while I started eating.  I had that soup over the next two or three days and savored every bit of it.  It restored strength to my body and spirit quickly.  I cannot, to this day, eat a bowl of potato soup that I do not think about the two most important men in my life.... my Daddy and my Danny.  

Here is the link to the recipe we will share tonight... perfect timing with all the sniffles and coughing going on around here in the last week.  Even allergy season deserves Potage Parmentier



  1. Love!! Campbell's Chicken Noodle Soup and Sprite were my mom's go-to sickness meal. To this day I only drink Sprite when I'm sick. lol! You are so right that food memories are powerful! There is a lazy Susan cabinet in my new house. Every time I open it I smell baking ingredients and coffee. I guess 25 years of holding the same items caused the wood to soak up the aromas. My Grandma had a cabinet exactly like that and held the same items. Every time I open it I'm 9 years old again at a little farmhouse in rural Arkansas.

  2. Right. It's going to be 90 again tomorrow, and now I want potato soup! I have all the ingredients on hand (well, onions instead of leeks), so this may happen anyway. Just turn the a/c down a notch. Love the story of Dan finding out about - and making - the soup for you.

    George Webb's chicken noodle soup is the illness time soup of choice around here, though most of the time, I end up making my own variant (much, much less salt!).