September 13, 2015

Join me in some Autumn Reading Fun

I have two on my radar right now.  Well, maybe three.... 

The first one is from Reading Every Season and it started on September 1st with the Fall Into Reading Seasonal Challenge.

 Along with that one is the Fall Into Reading Read-a-thon which is during the other one but for only a week.

The third one is the Bi-Annual Dewey 24 Hour Read-a-Thon.  It will be announced soon and it is coming October 17th.

For details on all of these you can follow the links for rules and such.  They are all very flexible but they get us reading and that is the goal, right?
I will be sharing a book list or lists soon.  I have been knee deep in review books lately but have backed off of them more come October through December so I can read some other stuff.  I will probably bombard you with all the reviews in bulk as I finish them.  You know me.... I never read just one book at a time.  
I have ordered some books on productivity and habits that I cannot wait to dive into.  I also have the new Jan Karon book coming when it is released.  I need a month of Jan soon!  You will get the lists as I go.
There are also plans for the 31 Days of... Challenge again and I have my little graphic and an outline and topics ready to go so October will be FULL of daily writing here at the ol' blog.  
I have also made some cosmetic changes to reflect the season ahead.  
Autumn is my favorite!
Here is some more motivation for you.... 9 Reasons Why You Should Take Up Reading Again in the Fall

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