October 17, 2015

First Four Hour Summary...

Bible read - 1 complete hour of reading with 
breaks in between for the following

Laundry started

Breakfast and dishes done

Kids off to band competition and scout event

I am back to it now in hour 5.

Working on this right now...

there will be a review once I am done today.

Snackage for the day...

Big water coming up right now.

Are you reading with us today?

How are you doing???

1 comment:

  1. Wish I could. I'm finally trying to hang a 36" stretched print, and found the (included) hanging hardware isn't what I thought, and needs a tiny screwdriver. Rather than look for the screwdriver (I know I have one somewhere in the tools for my older sewing machine), I think I may use a plain old alligator tooth hanger. THOSE I know where to locate, LOL. Of course, if that isn't strong enough for such a big print, it will fall on the bed - most likely in the middle of the night, with me in it! Maybe I should shift gears and go read...