October 17, 2015

Sacred Intent: Maximize the Moments of Your Life by Brent Crowe, Ph.D

This books is published by Worthy Publishing and it was released this past week on October 13, 2015.

Let me just start with a brief overview for you.

Brent Crowe is the author of this text.  You can learn more about him at his author's page.

This book was very full to overflowing with great truthful teaching and scripture.  Each section could be it's own Bible study.  I had originally planned to read it in a short period of time but I don't recommend that with this book.  Take your time.  Spread it out over a few weeks and dig in.

The format is structured into seven basic sections  He uses Monday through Sunday to set it up.  Then he opens up with this...  

"I want you to imagine that the whole of your life is a week.  Shrink your life into seven days, and now consider the day you are presently living...  Life is a week.  How would you make every moment count?"

  The sections are all one word titles and in each section there are several chapters to fully unpack each concept.  The seven sections are entitled:  

Monday:  Influence 
Tuesday:  Time
Wednesday:  Calling 
Thursday:  Engagement 
Friday:  Relationships 
Saturday:  Motivation 
Sunday:  Dreams

Crowe uses stories from the Old and New Testament, from history, from his own personal life to show us the importance of all seven concepts and how they fit into the eternal plan God has for your life.  God can and will use all these things in our lives to make our life shine for His Kingdom and His Glory.

What did I think?

This is a great book for all walks of life.  It is focused on discipleship and missions to reach a lost world through all of the seven words above.  Teens through the oldest among us can glean from this book.  I said it before but I will say it again.  This book is FULL!  It is devotional but it is deeper than that.  Crowe digs into God's word throughout this book.  Read it and then pass it along or better yet, study it with your young people or college students.  Gather a group of friends who are in leadership roles or who want to know God more deeply and share it together.  Reread it!

The cover is not much to look at... at least that is what I thought when I got it but it is a very powerful book.  The book has the potential to be used by God to ignite the church to reach out to the lost world around them.

This book blessed my socks off!  I would give it a solid 4 out of 5 and highly recommend it.  I would also voluntarily read other books by Crowe,  His writing style is very enjoyable and he definitely digs for truth in God's word in order to share it with the world.  He is honest and genuine in his writing and he pulls no punches when it is necessary to clarify truth from God as opposed to the worldly thinking so many authors use now.

This book came to me as a free book for review purposes through  Worthy Publishing.  
All they asked is that I give it a fair review with my honest opinions.  
You just got that!  

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