October 16, 2015

The Habit of the Bedtime Tea

I shared a few days ago that I am typically a coffee drinker in the morning.  I just prefer to start my day with that instead of tea but I am also an avid tea lover, too.  I just don't drink tea before the mid afternoon.  I also drink tea in the evenings but by that time it is decaffeinated.

I have several that I prefer to help me wind down.  I have found, with the Lupus and Fibromyalgia symptoms I need something like Chamomile to relax me.  It is more medicinal in nature for me.  I do enjoy the occasional Chai or black tea varieties during daytime hours, though.  I have recently ordered a box of the traditional Builder's Tea for the cooler days... if they ever arrive.

I have five reasons I use herbal tea at bedtime...

1.  It clears the sinuses and hydrates them.  I have allergies pretty much year round here so that steam soothes the head very well.

2.  Certain teas like Chamomile and Valerian Root are great for relaxing the muscles and soothing a headache as well as aiding in better sleep.

3.  Between about October and March I just want something warm before bed.  It is cozy and warming to the body on those chilly nights.

4.  I often need to stave off the "sweet" craving and tea does just that for me.  Something warm and soothing fills my stomach without the sugar and calories before bedtime.

5.  A good mint or ginger tea also settles the stomach when the most stressful of days has it in an upheaval.  I take medications that upset my stomach, too, so the mint and ginger teas are a good prescription for me.

Do you have a tea habit?

Do you prefer tea over coffee?

What is your favorite tea?

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1 comment:

  1. Anonymous1:01 AM

    hey girl! love being at your blog! i keep saying i should make more time to read blogs than fb, but i never seem to actually put that into process. sigh. . .
    i am not a tea drinker, but saw this last time i was the vitamin shoppe store and decided to try it -
    Native to Oceania and the South Pacific island, kava is a highly priced medicinal herb whose primary benefit is alleviating anxiety and minor pain. Kava is also recognized for its ability to calm the body and promote a state of the relaxed awareness without compromising mental functions.
    UNBELIEVABLE! i sleep much deeper when i use this. i am not sure if i go to sleep easier, i am still trying to discern that - but i do know absolutely i sleep deeper with less waking and that can only be a good thing!