October 20, 2015

The Habit of Charging Those Electronics

You know the scenario...

You are in the middle of something really cool that your kids are doing and you go to snap a picture and... nothing.... the battery is completely dead or it tells you there is not enough battery to complete that action.

You are in the middle of reading the best book of your entire life on your e-reader!  Right as the best chapter and most important part of the story is happening it goes dark... dead battery.  It powers down and you didn't even get to bookmark that page.

You are in the middle of writing the best blog post or the most important term paper you have ever written and.... you guessed it.... the computer powers down and you are sitting there with no access to a plug.

These are all times you wished you had thought ahead and charged your device before you left the house.

I have learned the hard way that everything has to be on a charger before I head to bed or it will be of no use to me the next day.  

I must admit that this habit is still in progress in our house.  We are working through setting up a station and making everyone put things on chargers.

Here are some fun things I have been looking at...

This page has some great ideas with a Charging Station in the mix for your teens.

Two cool recharging tools...

It's your turn...

How do you keep your devices ready to go?

Do you have a special area in your home that is designated as a charging station?

Share with us, please!

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  1. The Kindle Fire gets heavy use, and I usually plug it in every other night, or nightly if the remaining power is below 50% when I go to bed. The regular kindle, which I use only for reading, keeps a charge forever, so I'm always surprised when it shuts down on me (usually because I turned on the wireless to download a book and forgot to turn it back off). The phone, on the other hand...initially, I only had to charge every four or five days, simply because I'm not a heavy user. But since the last Facebook update, I need to charge at least every other day, if not more often. Facebook has admitted they are the culprit in heavy background use that drains batteries, and they are "working on it". Humpf.

    I have a sofa table against a wall in the living room, which is where I charge stuff. The cord for the Fire is always plugged in, as is the base for the wireless charging station for the phone. The cords for the rest of the stuff (other kindle, camera) live in a drawer of that table. The laptop lives in the dining room, and is always plugged in.

  2. Oh - and they are plugged into a power strip, along with the wireless router extension and a sound dock for the (ancient) ipod.