October 06, 2015

The Habit of the Evening Routine

If the truth be known the morning routine only works when I have the evening routine in place.  What I do before I go to bed sets the tone for the next morning's success.  I don't do anything in any particular order.  It is more of a list of things that just have to be checked off before my head hits the pillow.  Here is a fun little word collage I made using my list... 

I may be having far too much fun making graphics lately!  LOL

This is pretty self explanatory.  I am still working through some of them to be better at the process.  The technology one is hard for me some nights.  Everyone is up at 5:30 am so I have to contemplate the breakfast and lunch stuff the night before or I am too foggy to think about it early in the morning and something gets missed or left behind.

Here are two great reads on this subject...

Do you have an evening routine?

Do you have a special winding down ritual you enjoy?

Please share!


  1. It's hard to get anything done in the thirty seconds between "I should go to bed" and my head actually hitting the pillow, LOL. I need to do the evening routine earlier, like right after dinner, before I go upstairs. Make lunch, load the work tote with everything except lunch, put the phone on the charger and figure out which shoes/coat to wear. Once I go upstairs, the first thing I should do is lay out clothes and jewelry for the next day. I should note that I go upstairs (big loft in addition to my bedroom and bath) and watch an epi or so of tv on the computer, check email and do my bullet and other journaling for anywhere from 1 -2 hours before I decide to go to bed.

  2. I'm working on getting my minions to wash, dry and put away all dishes after supper, clean up all the downstairs rooms BEFORE supper, and sweep the kitchen/dining room after supper. Mornings are just more pleasant when things don't crunch under your feet and dishes aren't piled in the sink!