October 08, 2015

The Habit of Making the Bed

I am the only person in my home that makes my bed.  Dan does not make it and the children do not make their beds.  Girlie makes hers on the day she washes sheets but not on any other day.  They were all glad for the recent news from the article that gave them permission to "STOP Making Your Bed...It's Bad for You"

Well, they can say that all day but I am not buying it.  If you air your mattress between removing sheets and remaking your bed after the sheets have been washed and if you wash your sheets regularly I am not sure there is much difference.  Either way, I won't stop making mine.  I think I am in good company on this one, too.

Here are a few other opinions on the matter...

Why I Make My Bed...

1.   It keeps me from getting back in after the kids are out the door in the morning.

2.  It makes my bedroom look lovely.

3.  I love getting into a well made bed at night.

4.  It is the same concept as the shiny sink in the Flylady plan and gives me a sense of accomplishment toward making a better home for my family.

5.  It makes me feel more in control of something in my day... and for me that is huge!

Want a professional looking bed?

Try this video for the way to have a beautiful perfectly made bed every time.

So, the big question is.... 

Do you make your bed every single day?  

Go ahead and tell us.... we won't judge you!


  1. I don't always make my bed, but I do like it when it's made (some of the issue is being married to someone who works shifts, so sometimes he's still in it!)
    The most often occasion of my making it is probably when I straighten it up before I sit and tip out the laundry to fold and sort!)

  2. due to sensitive skin from the lyme, i gave up blankets years ago. i use a blow dryer and i snuggle a blanket to keep my chest warm. so there is nothing to make! but i do like a neat bed and no wrinkles or crumples :) i keep a fitted sheet - or two - on it then add a queen top sheet folded in half and i change the top sheet every couple days. i have to have very clean sheets or no sleep for me due to sensitivities. crazy i know, but it works and i can sleep! i think a neat bed does add to the peacefulness of the room. i liked to make mine when i got out in younger years because it seemed to say "ok, get going to other rooms and get your day going." :)